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One of the hottest R&B/soul/pop (etc. really) artists is Sam Smith, so what better person to choose to do the James Bond film Spectre's theme-song? Well, he's officially released it as of Friday September 25th and it's certainly lived up to the hype.

The title is "Writing's on the Wall" and it's close to Smith's heart. He made it known that this was a dream come true for him, and I'm sure he was paid handsomely for it too - just some icing on the cake, to be honest.

Check out what Smith had to say about why he was so happy with how the song turned out, digging in specifically to the lyrics:

"My music is a diary and it's a recap of my life, and I wanted to bring that kind of honesty. In the lyrics — 'How do I live, how do I breathe? / When you're not here I'm suffocating' — I wanted a touch of vulnerability from Bond, where you see into his heart a little bit."

Here's a link to the track, which is now available on Spotify.

It's definitely got that Bond sound to it... and Sam Smith adds his own personal touch which I think will likely make this a smash hit and perfect for the film, which hits theaters November 6, 2015. The falsetto is unbelievable.

Check out the trailer for Spectre, with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

(Via: USA Today)


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