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For those who never owned a PS3 or who never picked up the games Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, a new chance to play is just over the horizon. Developer Quantic Dream recently tweeted about the yet to be revealed release dates for Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the PS4 promising that it's coming very soon.

Paris Games Week is coming up in October so it's likely that if Quantic Dream doesn't make the announcement beforehand that it will be made there. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting a chance to finally play these two hit games as I've shamefully never had the chance. While graphical improvements are pretty much guaranteed, whether or not there will be any changes made to the games or if they will be just polished ports has yet to be known.


Will you be grabbing 'Heavy Rain' and/or 'Beyond Two Souls' for the PS4 when it comes out?

[ Source: IGN ]


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