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One of the best things to ever happen to [Netflix](tag:1234550) is the "Netflix and Chill" phenomenon that has sweeped the nation and changed the dating scene for good. It appears those who partake in "Netflix and Chill" aren't necessarily watching [Orange Is the New Black](tag:761587), [Narcos](tag:1312371), or [House of Cards](tag:726551).

Spoiler alert, they're boning.

This young woman explains how a lot of us feel about the term and does so in another form of viral expression - videos.

Okay, so it appears parents are starting to catch on to this term's real meaning. Of course, that isn't good for the Netflix and Chillers... because, Lord knows when you're a teenager living at home, your parents finding out you are having sex can literally be your worst nightmare.

This parental response is pure perfection:

Some parents truly aren't feeling it

Not sure this will hold up in court.

If you like Netflix for real, you should watch Narcos. It's actually amazing.


If Netflix and Chill is sex, what is Hulu and Chill?
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(Via: Daily Dot)


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