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This is one of the retro-reviews that examines pre-9/11 terrorism in movies. This movie was made less than ten years ago. It is based on the true story of the secret Israeli team set up to take revenge on the terrorist group known as "Black September." These events take place prior to 9/11. I have selected this film to review because it is inspired by what Israelis really did.

In 1972, Black September killed 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany during the Olympics. After they escaped, they all were welcomed home as heroes.

This movie goes into the stresses of dealing with people who have that nature. The barter of money and information is how enemies are able to find each other, in a world where there is almost no other way to identify the ones you are at war with. Once again like others, this movie highlights how the enemy can be anyone from any background.

This movie captures the essence of what fighting against terrorism is like. We are learning new things about this type of warfare, similar to when we found ourselves in the bushes of Vietnam. They get good at what they do for being a team of unlikely heroes.

Like in any conflict, casualties are traded between the sides. Paranoia runs deep even in the fearless leader. When the hunting begins, it also does not end for many.

This brings me back to a lesson covered in "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage. Those who are involved in the fighting also tend to be involved in the dying. That is why the main protagonist of that movie never got involved in any conflict, regardless what was happening or how wrong his buyers were.

Those involved in the fighting, accept the risks that come with the honor of combat. I can relate to this main character because instead of returning home to Israel where he could be hunted, he went to the United States on his own.

This movie is another Spielberg classic and is a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it.


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