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This is one of the retro-reviews written around the topic of terrorism in pre-9/11 films. I choose this movie because it is especially relevant to issues we are facing today.

Someone within the Police Dept. figures out that there is a small group of corrupt officers skimming the retirement funds. Everything was going smoothly until they almost got caught, so one of them murders the police officer investigating the paperwork issues.

Having bad luck, his partner, played by Samuel L. Jackson, arrives at the meet up just a little too late and discovers what just happened to his friend. He did not know exactly what it was about; but, he did know enough that his friend suspected other cops as the perpetrators.

After being set-up and looking guilty to the entire world, he makes a desperate attempt to clear his name using the pressure of violence and his experience as a veteran hostage negotiator.

In many situations when conflict is on-going, it is difficult to determine who is right versus wrong when the end results are not present. Sometimes the villains turn out to be the heroes the whole time, and the other way around for the supposed heroes.

Scotty doesn't know; yet, Scotty found out. (Sam's character is wearing the uniform of a different officer.)

Luckily in this movie, justice is found and had at the end. The scene I speak of is pictured above.

If this movie was before your time(it was almost before mine), you should definitely go back and watch it. It really illustrates how our worst enemies, are sometimes people we think we can trust. It is worth multiple watches.


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