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I love DC. Their comics are in my opinion the best out there. They have a lot to work with when it comes to film. But they have been struggling for the past dozen yrs or so, to get it together and start creating an expanded and extended universe for the big screen.

Finally, they're starting to pump out so new material in film form. But they, like everyone, have some things o rise above going further into their DCEU. Here are three ways DC and WB need to step it up and improve on their upcoming movies.

1. Lighten Up a Bit

Sad Batman
Sad Batman

DC seems to be building their universe's tone off of the 'Dark Knight' trilogy's dark, realistic and often depressing tone. While this dark setting works well for Batman, trying to put Superman under the same treatment is a bad idea. Superman should fly in blue skies. Not gray ones. Superman is a symbol of hope. He's not suppose to be brooding and intimidating. Batman works in the Justice League because the rest of the team are so lively. Making everyone dark and depressed is the wrong approach.

2. Humor Is Welcomed

Just because Marvel is cracking one liners left and right in their movies, doesn't mean that DC and Warner Bro's have to abandon humor altogether. The previous statement regarding the "no jokes" rule is quite worrisome. DC can pull off humor perfectly in their movies while still keep a serious angle on everything. Again, though, not too serious. Here's an example of a scene in 'Batman vs Superman' that can make audiences laugh inside.

So you have Bruce Wayne training...pulling that tire we see in the trailer. He then transitions into bench presses. Remember, this Bruce hasn't been Batman in a while. He has been out of the game. So he goes to choose how much weight he thinks he can bench. He initially sets the bar at 700 pounds. While Alfred talks to him he begins doing his presses, but grows frustrated at the mere weight not being enough. He then gets up and changes the bar to 890 pounds. Alfred keeps talking and again, Bruce becomes frustrated at the weight being too light. He again changes the weight. This time to 1000 pounds. This time he is pleased. He finally found a weight to bench, which challenges him. This scene would honor the comics, give the audience some time to laugh and move the plot along simultaneously.

3. Save More Civilians

Although the paper declares only "dozens killed", we all know that they casualties are far above that number. Thousands of lives were taken. Minimum. So we really need to know these superheros are exactly that. Hero's. Save more innocent bystanders and show these characters doing it. This was a big complaint in 'Man of Steel'.

If DC can get with it and improve these topics, they sure have a wide range of stories they can tell, that audiences will never not want to see.


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