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This is one the of retro-reviews I am writing on the topic of pre-9/11 terrorism in movies. I mention this one because Sept. 11, 2001 was a financial center. Ironically, this movie series heavily emphasizes on how the face of terrorism is all about money in the end. The main rival enemies in the first and third movies used political causes as masks to commit acts that would allow them to steal mind boggling amounts of money.

Looking back to my Munich review, money played a huge role in how terrorism was fought during that time frame. When they made this movie, that much had not changed. As I write this article now in 2015, it still has not changed. There is great speculation that the government during Bush's administration was about to announce an event of massive financial fall out right before the attack. Whatever happened allowed them to sweep the fact money was missing, right under the rug.

I like how in this movie, John is considered a rogue. The local police not do not believe him when he first calls for help. He has to make his stand, on his own. He is even suspected as being a proxy for the terrorists.

Die Hard has always been one of the classic action movies. This is an example of when someone was out of their jurisdiction; yet, noticed things going wrong while everyone else was being rounded up. Sometimes, some people must go above and beyond the call of duty to quell active threats.

There is much speculation that Lincoln and Kennedy were both killed over trying to dissolve the FED, which is not even a legitimate branch of the Federal Government. Since we allow money to literally dictate much of what happens within our lives, it is no surprise that we still serve it over ourselves in several ways.

The importance behind this movie is that it does not matter what the original appearance of a situation looks like, typically every cause will need financial backing to continue. This brings most fights around terrorism back to money. Many of the troops who were deployed overseas, think we went into Iraq for profit. That most of the people within the populations of the countries we occupy, are trying so hard just to get by that they have little to no real combat capacity.

You know who else does not have any combative capacity? Hostages.

In this movie, the main enemies were of German descent and claimed radical ideas. This is not just an action flick for those who can learn from the nature of conflict portrayed.

"Yippee Kaye Mother Fucker!" - John McClane

We should remember, those of us who once swore an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution, that our oath includes all enemies both foreign and domestic. "Justice for All", should not be an empty promise. What we should be doing, is following every money trail we can back to corruption.

The war on terrorism like the war on drugs, is all about money. History has a bad habit of repeating itself.


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