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This is one of the retro-reviews created with a closer look at pre-9/11 terrorism in movies. I choose this flick for obvious reasons. It is a must see and highlights the issue of mind control.

Some people think mind control is impossible; however, I must say that people who have that mentality clearly do not know enough about the mind. I will start by saying drugs are very chemically powerful within the body. Chemical mind control is where it began. Our genetics and mental physics are mechanically understood at a classified level. MK Ultra which is mentioned in this film, has a solid possibility of being a real program or device under another name or term.

Given that we can become predicable through our feelings and physical beings to those who know what they are doing around this, you see the protagonist in this movie struggle to stay ahead and stay alive.

This movie mentions a trigger word being a medium of snapping. That too is not unheard of within our own reality. Zoolander (Ben Stiller) as a comedy, includes that as a part of their story as well.

I would like to take a moment to remember William Cooper. This man made an effort to tell people about what he experienced in the military. He published a book in 1991 called "Behold A Pale Horse." I believe he is being honest about what he witnessed and thinks is going on with the government. I must admit I think that his religious understandings blinded him from being able to completely understand what he saw in every situation. I highly recommend reading this if you are a seeker of truth. Like everything else, be objective and take it all with a grain of salt.

In his book, Cooper goes into detail about the Kennedy assassination, mind control machines, extra-terrestrials and talks about an economic disaster that will bolster an unjust war effort (9/11, a decade before it happened). In November 2001, Cooper was killed by police in his front yard under the supposed claim he had a firearm (which was his right anyway). Most believe he was assassinated by law enforcement. It would not surprise me to find that out to be true...

The long and short of this movie is, mind control is a real thing and odds are it is being applied on us in more ways than we can imagine right now. Money acting as "legal" free speech is one of those passive mechanics. Passive mechanics move us along automatically, usually with something like the dollar. Active mechanics come from intention or the use of equipment that targets someone, to include medications. Manipulating the four types of frequencies the brain emits is how it is achieved. That would make sense to Tesla. This movie is a rule book when dealing with government spooks.

Always have a contingency plan...chances are the original plan will never work; regardless, how detailed and thought up it might be.


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