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For self-proclaimed "horror junkies" like myself, your childhood probably consisted of the following things:

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nickelodeon (classic!)
  • Trying to sneak horror movies out of Blockbuster (remember Blockbuster?!) while your parents weren't looking
  • Goosebumps by R.L. Stine, whether it be the films or the books (-loving sigh-)
  • Reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to keep you up at night (those drawings were freaky!)

You're now taking inventory in your head of some of those favorites, aren't you? Think 'The Wendigo', 'The Slithery-Dee' (my favorite!), and 'The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers' and try not to get nostalgic...and also try not to get freaked out by the memories of those illustrations.

'The Slithery-Dee'
'The Slithery-Dee'

While you're reminiscing on your fright-filled youth, think about how your love of horror has evolved into your adulthood. Suddenly, the story of a Slithery-Dee coming out of the sea isn't so petrifying. Harold the Scarecrow doesn't seem too real. You grow out of your childhood favorites, but they remain in your heart as little reminders of how your love of horror began. But...

Now, you patiently wait to find something as creepy as 'The Hook' or 'The Big Toe'. Never fear, I'm here to let you know that your wait is over!

Halloween Horror Stories

Author Nicholas Andrew created the adult version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and is considered "not for the faint of heart". He illustrates the stories himself, and aims to create nightmare-inducing stories including everything from serial killers to Satanic themes. With two volumes, you'll have enough spooky stories to last you through the Halloween season.

From Halloween Horror Stories comes 'Interview With the Exorcist', a short-story-turned-short-film boasting a script so scary and realistic (they use lines from actual practices of exorcism in the film) that the first actor cast as the priest gave up the role.

Some creepy things happened on set, as well...Nicholas says:

When my leads were headed my way to the first day of shooting practicing the Latin in the exorcism the tire to a car beside them popped and they couldn't move because a semi was directly behind them.

Sounds like something was working against them...I'm not surprised these terrifying tales came from the set! If you want to see the madness unfold, you can 'Interview With the Exorcist' here:

Some creepy things are also happening as the short film is being promoted, as well. 'Interview With the Exorcist' has been sent to film festivals and is finally being shared with all of you- I've been in contact with the author and he's sent me a few stills from the film. Upon sending me the poster, rather than the preview of the actual poster, it was showing on my computer as the following image:

See that? Those are my articles! How?!?!
See that? Those are my articles! How?!?!

Let's just hope that my laptop isn't haunted by the 'Interview With the Exorcist' demon...

If you can't get enough of the spookiness (in the making of the film, the film itself and the shorts in the books), the plan is for Halloween Horror Stories is to turn most of the stories into short films, but that can't happen without the support of the horror community!

If you'd like to check out Halloween Horror Stories for yourself, head on over to the website and support Kingdom Horror! The stories are easy to get and they're in two formats: eBook and paperback.

Still from 'Interview With the Exorcist'
Still from 'Interview With the Exorcist'

You can find Kingdom Horror on these platforms to stay up-to-date with their progress:


Will you check out 'Halloween Horror Stories'?

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