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Two rap songs, his own tv show, Multiple action figures, eight sequels, his own phone lineand even video game cameos. Freddy Kruger is arguable Americas favorite villain, he even has two documentaries. A nightmare on Elm street is for sure Wes Craven's legacy. (Ok one of them)

so I think it's safe to say that we were all unanimously disappointed in that 2010 shit show of a remake. I mean I thought Rob Zombie could butcher a series, At least he got one good hit in. Like Sam, did you even watch the original eight films?

For those of you who haven't seen the 2010 remake of a Nightmare on Elm St, let me fill you in, it's really shitty and only has one bonus feature.

Freddy goes from being a child murderer to a pedophile; omg so scary! Some of the most iconic scenes are dulled down or not in the movie at all. They tried too hard to modernize it. Freddy is only 5' something and there is no killer soundtrack. The film also takes a very slow dramatic approach compared to the fast paced 80's thriller. It bombed miserably.

Seriously how does an eighties movie have more blood shed than a 2000 movie? Did you fail on purpose ?

So now they want to give it another stab. Sure. Go for it. But you want to start from Dream Warriors? The third part in the right part series? Why? How?

Dream warriors was amazing it's actually my favorite out of the series besides the first film.

I loved Dream warriors because it expanded on the original idea; the mystery of sleep and real terror of nightmares. You also couldn't help but fall for the awesome band of misfit survivors.

With this generations history of remakes and reboots I'm terrified. You?

Dony judge this awful grammar I've been up for forty eight hours


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