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This is one of the retro-reviews I am writing that pays more attention to pre-9/11 terrorism in movies. I set this film aside for last because the government is the enemy in this movie and is being used as a weapon. Before Snowden, before 9/11, the NSA already had their international surveillance program as mentioned in this movie. I would bet my bottom dollar that whole time, they have been documenting domestic communication unconstitutionally. 9/11 only gave the NSA more room to hide in these shadows.

People often forget that those who can no longer trust the government, are up against an entity that has won both World Wars and is considered the wealthiest country on the planet. I mention in other articles how innocent people often get laid out as scapegoats. This story is no exception.

Our history is full of lessons where the government does not always represent justice. For some reason though, people forget that fact when listening to police reports and take everything at face value. Will's character in this movie, very easily could have found himself in the situation Jeff Bridge's character does towards the end of "Arlington Road."

Being placed in the sights of the NSA comes with a high mortality rate, that is a fact. The importance behind enforcing our rights as people is that it has become too easy to express social/group dominance over individuals. When the government actively or passively participates in this demonstration, it makes the struggle one-sided regardless of which side is right or wrong. That is part of why we have the Bill of Rights...conflicts are not meant to be imbalanced by the government.

Agencies with operations like the NSA, are unconstitutional. The fact all these events and occurrences are documented is useful; yes, but for whom? Chances are though 95% of all information obtained is used for corporate or political espionage and sabotage. The other 5% are those who use that information illegally for personal reasons. Notice how anti-terrorism efforts are non-existent. This is part of why the corruption problem is not easily solvable. Reports are already being released stating that the meta data program has prevented zero(0) attacks. The issue I have with meta data collection is that it is hack-able, regardless how safe we feel our networks are. Enemy countries and factions can learn everything they need to know about our people from our own government. This is also why weapons registration of any kind is a horrible idea and violates the fourth amendment too.

Anyone who obtains information on someone from these means, can literally achieve anything towards ruining an individual life. This is likely how people (leaders) in D.C. who do not play by the rules of corruption, get dethroned and sent on their way. I highly recommend seeing this movie, just remember that history repeats itself.


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