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We all know about the Avengers, and now the rest of the world knows about them too, particularly since the fallout from Age of Ultron. So, when are we going to see more of the non-American heroes that Marvel has to offer, like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? I know... Black Widow is technically international, but she calls SHIELD family, so I don't count her, per se. What's with the continued lack of diversity? And who the heck are these heroes in the first place? Well, here are some quality international Marvel characters that we could see the Avengers bumping into (or even joining forces with) in the future.


Jessica Drew is British by birth; though, technically a naturalized U.S. Citizen. I believe Spider-Woman is the character on my list that has the greatest potential of coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Daughter of Jonathan Drew, suffered uranium poisoning which forced her father to inject her with his untested spider serum and seal her in a genetic accelerator in 1931. She awoke with no memories of her past after decades in stasis. After accidentally killing her first lover with her new bioelectric powers, she was molded into Hydra's newest assassin. As Arachne, she fought S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who revealed the truth of Hydra to her. A fan-favorite (with no connection to Spider-man, so the movie rights are all Marvel's), Jessica Drew could already be a part of the MCU or could easily be inserted through Agent Carter or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before joining earth's mightiest heroes.


Gemma Arterton

Doctor Druid

Another naturalized U.S. citizen from the UK, Anthony Ludgate is a former psychiatrist who sought to learn the ancient powers of his ancestral Druids, but knowing that the Druids kept no written records, he became interested in the Tibetan monks after hearing of their oral tradition. Thinking that perhaps the secrets had been passed on, or that he could recreate them by learning the methods used by the monks, he sought out a lama who turned out to be the Ancient One (in connection to Doctor Strange, who happens to be in the upcoming movie). The Ancient One was more interested in seeking a worthy successor than hearing tales of the Celts, but unlocked Anthony's mystic potential and taught him a number of spells anyhow. Ludgate left and decided to become Doctor Druid, briefly assisted some monster hunters, and would be eclipsed by the Ancient One's successor--Doctor Strange. I highly doubt the MCU will be using Doctor Druid; however, it could be interesting to have him cameo in Doctor Strange, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Secret Warriors, or The Defenders (since I would assume Doctor Strange won't be among the first season of The Defenders).


Hugh Laurie


A citizen of Olympia having existed for many years, although she seems to be considered one of the younger Eternals. Sersi became associated with the Avengers after inviting them to a party, meeting her long-lost "cousin" Starfox. Flirting with Captain America at that party (much to his embarrassment), she later assisted him on a few cases. When her fellow Eternal Gilgamesh was injured in battle and could not longer function as an active Avenger, Captain America invited Sersi to join the team in Gilgamesh's place. Sersi accepted. Sersi's involvement would mean introducing a whole new level to the Marvel mythology (specifically the Olympians); however, with the Eternals already having a role in the infinity stones, would this be too outlandish for the future of the MCU? She also had a Gann Josin soul-bond with the Black Knight/Dane Whitman in order to keep her more rational in her interactions with others while fighting.


Jessica Biel

Union Jack

This one is a little complicated, because there are three iterations of Union Jack, but I would assume the third (Joseph Chapman) could easily fit into the fold of the MCU. Allowed to take the mantle of Union Jack from Lord Falsworth after saving him from Baron Blood (with the help of Captain America), Chapman has many connections to the Avengers including a stint with the Invaders. Union Jack could be a great intro for MI-13 and the heroes involved within Excalibur (although I'm not sure who has the movie rights to Excalibur... there are a lot of mutants on that team). Again, short cameos or references on Agents of SHIELD would allow an easy introduction and any of the British heroes could come and go throughout the MCU.


Sam Clafin

Captain Britain

Not typically pictured with a beard...
Not typically pictured with a beard...

We couldn't leave out Great Britain's own Captain, now could we? Brian Braddock was run off the road while on his motorcycle. Bleeding to death, Brian was approached by Merlin, who told him that he could live if he became Britain's next great champion, Captain Britain. He offered Brian a choice: The Amulet of Right (Life) or the Sword of Might (Death). He chose the Amulet/life, turning himself into Captain Britain. Fun fact: Brian Braddock roomed with Peter Parker at Empire State University. This may not be the best addition for the current MCU, but perhaps in the future.


Charlie Hunnam


I won't lie. Before it was revealed in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that...

Skye is Daisy Johnson,

I thought perhaps she would turn out to be Mantis. Lucky for us, Marvel has a bigger plan for Skye. However, Mantis is an interesting character in her own right, being a Vietnamese trained by the alien Priests of Pama (a sect of the Kree) who believed that she might become the "Celestial Madonna". She excelled in her martial arts studies, which landed her the name "Mantis". On her 18th birthday, she was mind-wiped and given false memories of a childhood as an orphan in Vietnam, in order for her to experience a regular human life, which would be an apparent aid for her to become a Celestial Madonna.


Kathy Uyen

Becoming a prostitute in a Vietnamese bar, she met the Swordsman, helping him regain his self-respect and followed him when the former villain attempted to rejoin the Avengers... which brings us to...


Jacques DuQuesne is a french performer who performed in various circuses and carnivals, demonstrating his mastery of knives, swords, and other bladed weapons. At one carnival he met a young Clint Barton and, seeing great potential in him, trained the boy in blades and archery respectively, with Clint often being a secondary performer in the Swordsman's act. Becoming a criminal, He sought out the Avengers thinking that posing as a hero would lead to much bigger crimes. Surprisingly, Swordsman fit in well and even developed a crush on the Scarlet Witch. He obviously has more to his story, but the obvious connection to Hawkeye would make him easy to add, even as a villain first.


Rufus Sewell

What do you think?

Which international heroes do you want to see team up with the Avengers?


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