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This weekend Salt Lake City Comic Con has been fortunate enough to garner many guests from the Captain America movies, one of which was Sebastian Stan. Luckily, I was able to get a front row seat to his panel, and he had plenty to say to his fans.

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With his favorite lady
With his favorite lady

On his favorite scenes from both Captain America and Winter Soldier

His favorite scene from the first movie was actually the one where Bucky finds he and Steve dates, he honestly wishes that they could have shown the whole night. From the second movie, everything about the bridge battle scene. He wasn't allowed to talk about the third movie, as he said "Marvel has spies everywhere" but he did mention that he loved the fight scenes and they blow everything from Winter Soldier away.

On Romania

When asked if he preferred living in Romania or America, he responded that he does prefer America. A fan spoke to him in Romanian, and he actually answered her in the language. The moderator said "I hope that's not the ending from 'Civil War'" and he made a point of adding that term in his answer to the girl, teasing the crowd.

How he found out about Winter Soldier

He found it out when the fans did. When Winter Soldier was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, a friend called him and said "Did you know 'Winter Soldier' is happening?" to which he responded "Well now I do."

Showing his "madness" during panel
Showing his "madness" during panel

On Once Upon a Time and playing a "Mad" character

He had really enjoyed the idea of becoming such an iconic character, and really loved the arc he had over the episodes. Going into it, he did say that most of the inspiration of how he played it was from reading the script and the brilliance of the performance was accredited to the people behind Once Upon a Time. It was all about the writing, and the writers had made a kick ass show. When asked because of that character as well as how Bucky turned out if he is a little crazy, he responded with "What do you think? I AM crazy." He plays characters that he finds interesting when he reads the scripts.

No Bucky!
No Bucky!

On how Bucky survived the fall

A kid asked what happened to help him survive and Sebastian laughed a little before responding. He said that he tried to stop it with his left arm, which obviously didn't work out too well, and hit his head causing a concussion. He woke up to men in lab coats and that's never a good sign.

About that credit scene in Ant-man

"All of this will be resolved in the next movie."

Does he prefer lots of speaking as Bucky or completely silent as Winter Soldier

While it is fun to work with the dialogue, he enjoyed the challenge of having to act through his eyes. He learned to be more expressive, and would think of different songs to get in the mood or things that might trigger something in his memory. He studied PTSD to imagine the distress that Bucky/the Winter Soldier must be going through when he finally starts having flashes after seeing Steve again.

On the opportunity to have Bucky become Captain America

There were many times throughout the panel when he would just cover his face, trying not to give anything away about Civil War.

When asked "hypothetically" if he would rather himself play Captain America or Anthony Mackie take up the mantle he said "Oh, me of course." He further explained that if Anthony were to becoming Captain America it would kind of be like Biff in Back to the Future Part II.

If he were to play the character, he would definitely be more broody. He would also probably punch the shield a few times to really make it his own.

Sebastian definitely seemed to enjoy his time with the fans at Salt Lake, and we were definitely glad to meet him. While we weren't really given information on Civil War it was a little funny to see him trying not to give anything away. He was funny, charming, and a completely joy to witness. Hopefully we can have him back soon.


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