ByTimothy Rodgers, writer at

The Departed is one of my all time favorite movies. This movie is all about crime and corruption on the inside. The plot is brutal and realistically written. Traitors are common these days, almost anyone will change sides for the right price.

This movie is tragically sad and shows some harsh examples on how justice is not always served in the traditional sense. I wish I could talk about this movie in some greater detail; yet, I feel it could ruin the story for those who haven't seen it.

There is a lot of tricks and turns in this film. It is worth multiple watches. It is performances like this that makes me wonder why Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have any Oscars yet. He did an amazing job playing the role of his character and makes himself someone others can relate to.

There is a part where Leo's character orders cranberry juice at the bar. Another patron asks him if he is having his period. The scene erupts with violence between the two and he gets his foot in the door with the big man, after some intense dialogue. I deeply appreciated his response to being insulted for not drinking alcohol.

It starts some of the story out when a couple of the main characters are young and what happens when they get older and go through the State Police Academy.

The mole hunt in this movie is awesome. There is a great deal of back and forth, always leaving the room for anything to happen next. If you like violence, crude humor and a solid story...look no further.


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