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It was announced some time ago that Saban films had acquired the U.S. distribution rights for Spooks: The greater good, a movie inspired by the British drama series of the same name. The show aired from 2002 to 2011 and was praised for its performances and guest star appearances. The film is a continuation of the tv series that reunites old actors as well as introducing newcomers like Game of thrones star Kit Harington. Spooks: The greater good is supposed to be released in the U.S. some time in 2015 or 2016 depending on the studios decision.

Here's the plot synopsis for the film:

Harry Pearce is blamed for the escape of terrorist Adam Qasim during a routine handover.

This is a very short synopsis, but then again Spooks wasn't known for being over the top in terms of plot and action. It was very low key and focused in its execution and the way it presented spies and how they operated. It made you question the very idea of becoming a spy and the costs that came with the job.

The film itself seems like it could be a nice little treat for fans of the tv series and maybe a good time for people who are fans of the actors in the film such as Kit Harington and Tuppence Middleton. Whether this film will be a hit in the U.S. remains to be seen, but there is definitely an audience for thrillers like this, so if they can target the right audience then the film will do fine.

Spooks: The greater good is supposed to be a send-off for the tv series so it's probably best not to expect a sequel. Spooks was a show that managed to do something radical compared to most tv shows at the time which included killing off many of the shows characters and replacing many of them each season. The movie might look like another random spy-thriller to the average moviegoer,but Spooks fans will always remember how the story began and how significant it was when it ended.


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