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I recently read an article on Moviepilot titled "The Last of Us 2 Could Be The Continuation Of An Apocalyptic Anthology!" I went into this article expecting the usual "oh the world of The Last Of Us is so unique, and the lore is so great, it would be a shame for it to end with Joel and Ellie" an "Joel and Ellie's story is done, their relationship would only sour, Ellie shouldn't be able to forgive Joel, because what he did was wrong" (buy the way I have written articles on why Ellie can and should forgive Joel and why I think Joel did the right thing saving her) but I was surprised to see a guy who usually wants The Last of Us to change its characters write about why they shouldn't. Yes, an article called "The Last Of Us Could Be The Continuation Of An Apocalyptic Anthology" is actually about why it shouldn't be an anthology.

He starts out saying that an anthology would be interesting, and that it would show the trials and tributes that humanity faces after the outbreak. But he goes on to warn, that if The Last Of Us became an anthology it could become like [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814), fans could loose interest, because it would lack that narrative arch that would keep people wanting to come back. He goes on about how when Assassin's Creed got rid of Desmond Miles, it lost that relatability, and lost the one thing that held the franchise together, and connected each game.

"The reason that I've become completely disinterested by the likes of Assassin's Creed is that it lacks a narrative arc. Its connections with the future and Desmond Miles was something that drew me in."
me reading the for mentioned article
me reading the for mentioned article

And I have to agree with that, the Assassin's Creed games don't seem to have much of a point anymore. It went from this amazingly intriguing story about the first civilization, and the Mayan apocalypse (you know that whole 2012 thing everyone was freaked out about way back when, kinda silly now). to now being some story about an evil video game company.

oh Ubisoft
oh Ubisoft

Sure Ac 4 Black Flag may be the best in the series, but that's just because the pirate theme made it feel fresh and new. but Assassin's Creed Unity is kind of well.

my thoughts on AC Unity
my thoughts on AC Unity

The same way the author of the for mentioned article is drawn into the Assassin's Creed games by Desmond Miles, I (as well as many Last Of Us fans) am drawn into The Last Of Us, by Joel and Ellie.

To expand on this, one big problem I have with The Last Of Us becoming episodic (an anthology) is that it would have no logical end. If the story fallows Ellie, that's easy, end it when either Ellie dies, or her story comes to a satisfying, and memorable ending. But if we get different stories, the last entry in the series will feel like just another game, rather than the epic and emotional final chapter it could be with Ellie as the lead. It's like if you look at the cornetto trilogy, three completely different stories made buy the same people

Don't get me wrong, all three of these movies are great movies, (especially The World's End) but I would not count them as a trilogy, because each entry is it's own thing, and watching them all in order, doesn't really add to the experience. In fact The Worlds End may even get a sequel (and I hope it does). but if you look at a series like The Dark Knight trilogy.

While each Dark Knight film is great on their own. If you sit down and watch them all in order, you get a unique experience, they are all part of one big story, and once you get to the end, it really feels like the end of a legacy. This adds a lot more wait to the final ending, a once you reach the end of The Dark Knight Rises, you know this is the end. The Dark Knight trilogy feels like it has a reason to only have three entries, were as something like the Assassin's Creed games, don't really have a coherent story. Assassin's Creed is not a series that is going to end on a high note, (like say, how the Batman Arkham games do) Assassin's Creed is just going to keep going and going until we all get sick of them. I don't want The Last Of Us to end up like that. Instead of making a bunch of episodic games, to build on The Last Of Us's lore and world, until we get sick of it, The Last Of Us should just focus on telling one story, and once the developers feel that story is done, they should not make any more Last Of Us games.

The Last Of Us does not need to be this big epic, showing us it's world from a billion points of view. The Last Of Us is already about finding a cure, you can't really find any other stories in this world that are more important than that. Unless you told the story about someone else who was Immune, and also trying to find a cure, but that would just be repeating the first game again. If you fallow Ellie into her adulthood, you would be fallowing a character that gamers have come to relate to already, and she's still significant to the story and world (and making Joel or Ellie the antagonist, would just piss off a lot of fans of the first game). And if they gave The Last of Us 2 more player choice, the franchise would maintain that ambiguity, letting players choose if they want Ellie to forgive Joel, and letting players choose if she is willing to sacrifice herself to save the world.

Having The Last Of Us, fallow Ellie as she grows up in a violent and unpredictable world, is the best way to insure that the ending of the series, will be deep, heartbreaking, and one everyone will remember. Fallowing a character like Ellie, is the best way to ensure the series doesn't end on a note that's


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