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THE GREEN INFERNO (2015) review

So I had the chance to go see the movie on a advanced screening last Monday night (September 21st), and I definitely had a blast!

My first premiere, first R-18 movie to see in theaters, and of course, my first REAL Horror movie to see in theaters of the year.

It was time that we finally got some Bloody Carnage back on the big screen because all year long we've basically been getting crappy ghost movies *cough* The Gallows, Sinister 2, Poltergeist *cough* the only horror movies I've like so far this year are Unfriended, Insidious Chapter 3, and of course, The Green Inferno!

I've been following this film for almost three years, I think, and I'm glad that it was finally gonna be released. The fact that I'm one of the people who got the chance to watch it before anyone else ON A UNCUT VERSION AND FOR FREE (the MTRCB gave the movie only a R-13 rating for the regular screenings which meant that it has lots of Cuts), i might add, was such a real treat and still so surreal. Before walking in, I love that they were giving away free popcorn & soda

with a full house, filled with people who are reports, critics, and fans really made it more exciting! I loved watching the film with them, they laughed if needed, and screamed if they had to. I honestly walked in not knowing what to expect because they didn't show much on the trailer, which made the movie more enjoyable because you're not gonna be like "oh I know what's gonna happen next, this was shown on the trailer" and people say that it's based on Cannibal Holocaust, which I haven't seen.

It was so good, Eli Roth never disappoints. He just keeps getting better! The film honestly (for me) brought back that 80's slasher/monster flick vibe - cast is a group of college teens, blood, gore, & an never ending mayhem. And we lack those ingredients in Horror nowadays. The Kills were obviously the best part of the film, some are hacked to death, eyes gouged out, tongue cut off, bitten by large ass ants and just simply killed themselves. The film was breathtaking, with extremely amazing high shots from the amazon, an extreme script, and some eye popping special effects will surely make any horror fan love & be proud of this movie.

After the movie there were these two guys dressed as the two main leaders of the tribe from the movie

I honestly had the best experience of my life as a Horror fan attending premiere.

Your life as a Horror fan wouldn't be complete if you don't see this in theaters! So be sure to catch THE GREEN INFERNO in theaters with your friends! Now Playing, Rated R!

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