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Hopefully all of you know who the creepypastas are if you don't hopefully you keep reading this.

In this one I am going to talk about is Jeff the Killer, if you don't know about him, Jeff the killer was a teenage boy who went insane after he got in a fight with the 3 local bullies in his new neighborhood, the story of Jeff is that after him and his family moves into the neighborhood, him and his brother Liu were at the bus stop waiting for the school bus, when the local bullies came over and took Liu's wallet, causing Jeff to snap and ends up stabbing the three bully's, Jeff and Liu run off when they see the school bus coming, they both knew that they couldn't tell anyone about what happened. The next day after school the cops stopped by Jeff's house and tell his mother what happened, but when the cops say that Jeff would have to spend a year in juvy his brother Liu walks down stairs holding a knife, his arms covered in bruises as if he had even in a fight, Liu tells the cops it was him that stabbed the other boys. The cops nodded and put Liu in handcuffs, Jeff tries to tell the police that it was him and not Liu but they didn't believe him. Jeff watched as his brother was taken to juvy. After that Jeff hadn't left his room for a week, one day his mom walked in and told him to get ready for the neighbors sons birthday party. Jeff at first questioned his mother but knew he had no choice so he got up and put on a white hoodie with black dress pants and went over to his neighbors, when he got there he went into the back yard with the kids, he was having fun chasing the kids around until The local bullies showed up and started another fight, this fight led to Jeff getting covered in Bleach and vodka, one of the bullies lite a lighter and caught Jeff up into flames, the bleach bleached his skin to a pale white and the fire singed his brown hair to black, once the fire had been up out Jeff was sent to the hospital where he stayed until he was healed from his injuries, a month after this his brother was released from juvy was able to see Jeff again. After Jeff was able to leave the hospital his sanity snapped and he carved a smile into his face an burned his eyelids off so he could forever see his beautiful face. He ended up killing his mom, dad, and his brother Liu.

Jeff the killer is one if the most popular CreepyPastas and one of the most loved. If you want to read the full story look it up at



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