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Netflix is almost ready to launch its second Marvel series and treated fans to a quick clip of the new show today. From just 50 bright and amusing seconds, I can tell that I'm going to like this girl...

It's 3 pm in Hell's Kitchen and, from the state of her apartment, I'm not sure if Ms. Jones has been hard at work... or at play! The camera pans over folders and photographs, but these are mixed up with clothes and empty liquor bottles -- definitely a mixed message.

Of course, the most important part of the clip isn't the state of her room (presumably her room, anyway), but her reaction to being so rudely awakened by an alarm clock.

Haven't we all wished we could crush that annoying little beep some mornings?

The trailer is funny, light and relatable- three elements I truly hope to see in the show itself. While Daredevil was well-received, it was very dark (both in subject matter and from a simple visual perspective), and a lighter show would provide a good balance to that.

It definitely seems that Jessica Jones herself isn't too caught up in the business of being a superhero to have a little fun, and this works well with the source material. Unlike many vigilantes, she retires from superhero work to have a real life, and I'm happy to see this attitude carrying over to the new show.

Beyond that, the trailer doesn't give much away.

We don't even get to see Ritter (beyond the back of her head), so we don't know exactly where she is, if she's alone (could she already be in bed with Luke Cage?), where in her story we are meeting her (is her encounter with Purple Man her first, or is she already retired?), or anything else about the plot of the pilot.

Which means that the trailer has done its job, and provided no more than a tease. We'll have to wait until November to see the rest of the show, which seems much too far away right now!


Will you be watching 'Jessica Jones'?


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