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Because everything is getting reimagined these days (Disney Princesses, mostly), why not do the same for everyone's favorite plumber that never did much plumbing?

Mashable recently published these works by a superbly talented artist by the name of Bob Al-Greene. He depicts the iconic characters - his way of granting them a 30th birthday present - as what they would look like were they real-life people living amongst us in today's society. Honestly, I love the new looks. Well, most of them. Peach's hair doesn't really do it for me, though.

It's-a me, Mario. You got a problem with that?

Character: Super Mario

New Name: Martin

Attitude: Street Wise

New Catchphrase: "You got something to say to me? I didn't think so."

Learn to live and love, art is everything...

Character: Luigi

New Name: Louie

Attitude: Super Casual

New Catchphrase: "You guys want to chill later? Text me. It's cool."

This is how it's going to play out, you understand me?

Character: Bowser

New Name: Brad

Attitude: Arrogant

New Catchphrase: "Come at me, bro."

You don't like me? Let me point you in the direction of I don't care.

Character: Peach

New Name: Penny

Attitude: Punk Chic

New Catchphrase: "Your face is making that noise again, tell it to stop."

That's right, I come prepared.

Character: Flower Power Mario

Attitude: Hero

New Catchphrase: "This is our town and we don't want you in it no more."


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