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Admittedly, I'd never grew up nor watched Alvin and the Chipmunks growing up, nor heard of it. But that's most likely because I was late 90's and basically millennial generation but still. It feels like a service toward the generation that grew up with it at least the first two movies or whatsoever.

The first movie I watched and kinda enjoyed but also felt like it was always something for someone younger and just a movie to space out in. Don't get me wrong the songs that they do are that they cover are kinda good and their singing prowess is enjoyable since most of them are singers. But the fact of the matter is that, the voices were squeaked/pitched highly intentionally and kinda takes it out of the well done singing voices. The second movie was basically the introduction of the girls which basically are the polar equals/opposite to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The girls were called the Chippettes and what can I say other than, they are quite bland except for the head, which the original chipmunk group focused on as well. The cliches were there always, Simon was forever the nerd and Theodore was always the fat guy and what about their girl counterparts? Exactly the same duh!.


I guess when some say with newer movies it ages even better but the newer movies of this turned it even more whackier and even more toward the demographic of kids. Kids that you just want to shut up, if they're going on and on about singing chipmunks. I don't really know what the attraction points of these, I mean I enjoyed it even more when there was a competition and I thought finally a complication and something, they can take it and bring it somewhere else. But what do they do? They make it easy for the original group and makes them save them from the bad guy Ian, and makes him as cliched as a bad guy can be. The bad guy that just wants to exploit them for monetary purposes and I get it there is agents just like that, but then again you could do something like that and take it somewhere else and you could give like a solid lesson. Not just "hey kids, if there's someone screwing you over, don't worry just wait for someone to save you" Yeah, sure that'll happen.

But seriously, this movie series should have died after the third one. But I guess people love this enough to get another one. But really where else could you do with it? I mean you already did two movies focused on the singing and the third was trying to give character development and shoving down obvious girls that would end up with the obvious counterparts. And its so annoying and it's painful to watch. Honestly, this is obviously not a movie I will watch ever again. I always thought i should give it more chances. But really, I think I've had enough. But if singing chipmunks and their obvious gender switch characters are what you want to watch just to waste a little time, then yeah.


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