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I love [Orange Is the New Black](tag:761587) and was thrilled that Piper finally abandoned her upper west side image and ditched the model prisoner routine. In season 1&2 I probably disliked her role as prison goody two shoes and bisexual to shock my family prisoner more than anyone else on the show. But, season 3, now there was a Piper I could get behind. Therefore, I am voting NO on Alex surviving the hitman. She has more than served her purpose on the show. Her ONLY relationship is with Piper, who has outgrown her intellectual world traveling ways. No matter how many times A&P make up and break up, their relationship has been damaged beyond repair and for the writers to keep portraying a possibility of forgiveness is insulting. Who would want to be with someone who called their parole officer because she was lonely? Or lied to you so that you would testify to their will versus what you know to be right? Plus, Alex is a downer, she has no social skills and isn't like able except maybe in some of the flashbacks. Piper has finally found herself, we don't need more interpersonal struggles with these two.

So, Daya's baby...I think this one is pretty obvious in one sense...this is the perfect opportunity for Baby Daddy to step in and raise his daughter without interference. This was another storyline that I struggled with...not the inmate/guard sex but it being love? I never bought it and I don't think he did either after having a close encounter with her step Dad. So DHS takes baby, hands her over to her father and bam Daya and Mamma Bear start fighting tooth and nail behind bars to get the baby back from Bennett, including calling "The Stauche" mother and getting her to fight to "raise" the baby since adoption papers were already in the works. On the flip side, DHS may contact Stauche and try and turn the baby over to them since it has never been documented that Bennett is the father and THEN Daya will have to track down Bennett or she will lose the baby forever to either that family or DHS. This will be very interesting how they play this one out. But the fairytale needs to end and the life of this baby needs to be the focus.

Just some of my opinions!


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