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We know that Scott is a lone Alpha. But that won't be all season long. Scott and Stiles will have a lot of screen time in Episode 11 and 12. Scott will also be surprised by something in episode 15 (Rumored: The Return of Jackson). Scott and Theo will fight a lot, The Dread Doctors will still be a problem. Parrish will fight La Bete, Lydia will be in Eichen House.

In Episode 11: Lydia will move to Eichen House, Malia and Braeden will search or the Desert Wolf. Scott and Stiles will fight for Stilinski's life.

We will possibly see Deaton again in episode 11

Episode 12 is set for a return of Kira in Mexico, with a cliffhanger. Again Scott and Stiles will have a lot of screen time. Also Lydia will have a lot of screen time.

Malia will move a little to the back here, Braeden won't be in episode 12 (probably)

Episode 13 is with Kira and her mom in Mexico. Possible return of Derek and Chris Argent.

We will see Chris Argent 1 or more times this season.

Episode 14 will be about Malia fighting the Desert wolf.

season 5B will slay.

It seems that the rumors say Scott will bring his old pack with his older pack and new pack together.

But what if it will dissapoint?

Just hope for a good season.

Teen Wolf returns in January.


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