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In the first episode of the second season of Gotham, we see a lot of new things happening in the city. We see where everyone is, we see threats being made, and we see the rise and fall of the main characters. One thing in particular stood out though: Theo Galavan forming a team of "outlaws." While many are suggesting that Galavan will be related in some way to the Court of Owls, I think he'll be more of a pre-Amanda Waller as the lineup reminded me immediately of the Suicide Squad. In terms of DC's Suicide Squad comics, a Talon from the Court of Owls has served most recently, so there's always that connection to be made. Anyway, here's my reasoning for why the Suicide Squad is coming to Gotham:

1. The Suicide Squad Are a Team of Criminals

As with Galavan's team, the Suicide Squad are a team of criminals. Making this even more damning is because they're prisoners. The Suicide Squad have always been criminals who would get shortened jail sentences if they completed the job.

2. The Suicide Squad Are Formed by an Influential Person Who Has Somewhat "Shady" Intentions

Theo Galavan is incredibly influential and seems to have a high level of control in Gotham. Amanda Waller has that same sort of influence, although not as broad. Her Suicide Squad could be a follow-up to this, led by someone less corrupt and with less control.

3. The Suicide Squad Are Controlled by Death Devices on Their Necks

The reason the Suicide Squad are able to be trusted to do the job and not run away or disobey the directive is that they wear explosive collars. The reason why Galavan's team are able to be trusted is because if they disobey, they are killed. We see Richard Sionis (who tried to rebel) die because Galavan's sister Tabitha strikes him with a whip, which visually shows something around Sionis's neck which then leads to him dying.

4. The Suicide Squad Have About 5 or 6 Members Approximately

Waller's teams usually has about 5 or 6 members. There are currently 5 members in Galavan's team, since Sionis was killed. This makes the numbers right. In terms of gender, there's usually one female or so, so that suits (Barbara Kean). There's also the big guy who acts as the muscle (Aaron Helzinger) or is a monster (Robert Greenwood). While the other two are interchangeable, there's usually someone who is somewhat insane (Jerome). We aren't aware of Arnold Dobkins' abilities yet, so we can't have a position for him, but the team is still very similar.

5. There Have Already Been Allusions to an Integral Part of the Suicide Squad

I have previously mentioned in this piece HERE that Deadshot has already appeared on Gotham, so check that out if you want to see the reasons why I think so. Outside of that, there have also been references to Bane (or more accurately, the Venom in his blood) and Poison Ivy has appeared as a minor character. Penguin has also served on the Suicide Squad, so there's obviously that as well. Also tying into the idea of an insane member of the Kean family being part of the team, James Gordon, Jr. also served on the Suicide Squad.

So, what do you think? Could Galavan be a pre-Amanda Waller character? Let's talk about it in the comments!


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