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One of the most impressionable Tom Hanks performance was Forrest Gump

On a bench
On a bench

Forrest Gump, a slow witted man who was brought up in a backwater town and had struggles in life.
So what makes this such a classic? Well apart from the fact it was a part of literature, there's something of an attraction towards Forrest Gump, which is his personality trait and he is somebody that you can easily identify to.
He's the classic American that just agrees with everything because like he said, "mama always said life is like a box of chocolates".
Since he was slow his mom had to submit to a pervert's idea of admitting her son to his school, but was always behind his friends because it was always due to his autism.

He also had a disability when he was young but managed to overcome it especially from his school crush; Jenny. He was also enlisted to the army and fight in the Vietnam War. And as we can see he forms a friendship with Bubba, a simpleton like him who dreams of owning a shrimp company when he's older

He also provides a smarting commentary on the black's position in the upper class. But cliches always come about and he dies from the war. So Forrest decides to give Dan; his military commander at the time of Vietnam, a chance at getting his life back on track. But just like somebody of the war who lost a part of himself, he decides to mope and dope, with the drinking and the sleeping around right.

But what makes Forrest Gump the movie great is that it's historically correct and able to infuse that in its heavy symbolism and it's commentary on the change of times from the 60's to the 70's and the early 80's. It's a wonderful thing to see it progress down the time line and it's certainly what makes this movie stand out.
So what about the other elements?. Well other then Jenny who seems to be the obvious love interest and the girl who basically just leads him on but still gives him a child and we never really know if it's really his because after all Jenny was a very social person; too social in fact and we want to know if it's really his but, since the movie focuses on Forrest Gump, we are also led to believe that it was his child and whatever. The story line is there, the plot is pretty predictable and the characters are just alright, excluding the fact of Forrest, who is just so damn quotable and his friendship with Bubba so strong that there is a real BubbaGump shrimp company that sells mostly seafood style foods.

At the end of the day, the reason to it being a classic, is it's a capsule of a brief American History from War, to the Nixon administration and beyond. And also, it being about someone as identifiable as Forrest Gump and a love story that you could feel kinda made sense a little and of course at the end where he tries to find himself by running. All in all this is a classic worth at least one watch


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