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[Full spoilers to follow. If you haven't seen the two-hours pilot, don't read this article.]

More than five years after its controversial end, Heroes made is great return on TV, for better or for worse.

When Heroes first came, we were in a world where comic books adaptations were something completely obscure on TV. At the time, it felt like a breath of fresh air in the audiovisual landscape, but today Heroes Reborn is surrounded with superheroes shows and have to standout from the crowd.

The show opened with Noah Bennett leaving a message in Claire's voicemail one year before the events of the series. His speech sounds like an apology, not to his daughter but to us viewers. I personally want to accept those apologies but there is only one step between success and failure.

EVOs, as they call them, are now a reality for everyone and the Odessa's conference is supposed to celebrate the harmony between "normal" and "superpowered" people. Obviously, nothing will go as planned and the terrorist attack will mark a rupture between them. HRG screaming at the sky, believing Claire's dead is a real heartbreaking moment.

Indeed, Noah and Quentin team-up is surely the best part of this pilot. They both lost someone because of Odessa, even if there's something more behind it obviously. About that you should check Heroes webserie Dark Matters, it's a good way to learn more about Quentin history. It is odd when you think that the most interesting part of the pilot is with two non-powered people. Those two are the key, to comprehend Odessa's supposedly terrorist attack and the role of Renatus that we had a glimpse at. Likewise, René's death was a message addressed to us. The writers will not hesitate to kill characters we loved because it isn't Heroes anymore. There is here, the will to not associate too much Heroes Reborn with his big sister.

The lack of powered people is here one if not the issue of this pilot. We didn't saw a lot of people with powers in two hours and it is really a pity. Tommy's storyline is nothing but original for now. I was in high-school not long ago and it was a little cliché for me, with the bully and his girlfriend he has a crush on. But there is a potential with him. Tommy is not in control of his powers yet and I can't wait to see what he can do with them. Then, there is Carlos, an ex-military who is considered as a hero by his country but rejected by his family because he left. We haven't seen him presenting any abilities yet. Indeed, his brother Oscar was "El Vengador", a sort of vigilante with super strength, before he was framed and died. Even his nephew, Jose can go through matter. Carlos didn't awakened yet, but he could ultimately take the mantle of his brother.

Also, Luke and Joanne Collins are possibly the most complex characters so far. I love Zachary Levi and seeing him in a completely different role than the one he had on Chuck is simply fantastic. Again, the two had to deal with the events of Odessa and the death of their nine-year-old son who was an EVO. They are taking EVOs responsible for what happened to their son and are now on a kind of mission, killing every powered people they can. We can also see that Luke is asking himself if they are doing the right thing, questioning if he and Joanne have to kill Tommy, who is still a boy. You could see them as the new Sylar, where they could ultimately fight for good. At one point, we could imagine issues between them, knowing that Luke's level of commitment is not as high as expected. I just don't want their story to be too predictable. I want to be surprised !

Finally, there is this really weird part with Miko, a japanese girl who is transported into a videogame to save her father. I don't know what to think about it yet. This storyline is really apart from the plot and I hope there is something more about it.

Indeed, one of the reproach we can draw from this pilot is its sluggishness. Let's not forgot that there is only 11 episodes left and I hope Tim Kring will find a way to connect all the characters quickly or else we'll face another failure and I don't want that to happen.

Let's say that Heroes Reborn is not the hit we expected yet. But the scenario have a lot of potential and questions: Claire, Renatus, the "pennie man". Let's not jump to conclusions for now and wait a couple of weeks because this show has a lot to offer.


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