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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

There's something about magic, slight of hand, illusions, whatever you want to call it that always intrigued me. And this movie does nothing less.
It incorporates four friends who so happens to be doing magic by themselves and in the gambling hub of the world Las Vegas.

They receive a mysterious invitation from something called the Eye, which is basically an institution of magic that lets in creative magic acts. So they get together and call themselves the Four Horseman. But honestly is it just me or are they trying to allure something because honestly it is a double entendre. But I digress.

So the acts work well together because well, they've all met each other and they know each other and their friends and although I found it weird that there was only like one girl in the group I'm glad they didn't just make her the love interest of the group members there because I really thought that was what they were heading too. But of course it is a movie and it does need a love interest, because hey, romance sells, but it isn't very obvious yet you could still kinda feel it.

And duh, Morgan Freeman, yes please more of him. Because not only is his character integral in helping the FBI in solving the mysterious cases that the Four Horseman are always able to do but he's the fall guy. And they link it up pretty well. So it's obvious that the plot is truly something well thought out and obviously they use the magic to their advantage, and makes us question whether or not the Four Horseman are really vigilantes or just doing these things to get into the Eye. But really, their magic act was pretty awesome.

So what about the story line then? Well, as I've said time and time again, not only does a good story line need good characters it needs a solid plot to hold it through. And I always found that the story line was very interesting because we aren't given anything about the Eye other then it was headed by some great magician kinda like a descendant of Houdini or something along the lines of that, but also because the head; Mark Ruffalo had a history with Morgan Freeman. Which they do give quite an exposition about it in the third act and it's one of the climaxes that you would go, "oh okay, so what does that mean" and your left to interpret it in any way you want especially the ending as well.

Like him saying welcome to the Eye, and us; the audience not fully knowing what the Eye stands for, and we are left with a sort of split between satisfied with the ending yet unsatisfied by the gnawing of questions left behind.
But in the end that's what makes a movie so great, is that it's able to leave you wondering and pondering what does it all mean and if any of it could all lead somewhere in the future. Interestingly enough the visuals and the effects do a great deal to ensure you feel the environment too, making sure you are in this reality, hence making it surreal.

Obviously this movie was about magic solely and they do well to blend in the character development and the story line in there. Although I must admit I kinda lost track on the plot because I was too busy trying to figure out if these were real magic tricks and if so did it really work the way Morgan Freeman explained it. Of course it goes along those lines but what if there was other twists and other fake smoke bombs that they added here and there. And something must be said about how this was received. It received 50% on rotten tomatoes and I can see why, although this is a good movie for me,there are problems here and there that I can forgive and let slide but yeah, it does get in the way now and again. Like why was there explanations to it and the debunking and why did the Eye have to hire acts to do these types of performances. Was it to fool the audience? Was it to steal money from that rich guy that decides to sponsor them(Michael Caine) there are some plot holes but it doesn't take away from the overall act which is, that magic in itself is very open to interpretation.

And hence, this movie as well very much so should be left to the audience to feel for themselves and to ask themselves the questions that they wouldn't normally ask, like why is it we want to debunk magic so quickly? Weren't we all just intrigued and pulled in and sucked in and just wanted to be in that place? To just be magical?

All in all it's a mysterious movie that has enough of a premise to pull you in and go along the ride, that is Now You See Me. Although, I must say this before I end my review with this movie it seemed like we were supposed to get a sequel and there is but I'm just wondering whether they'd go the route of a prequel or just exposition through flashbacks. Either way, this movie is one to see if you love magic and tend to suspend disbelief so that you could get in along with this roller coaster of a movie.


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