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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Yeah what is it about the horror genre? In itself, the horror genre has become sort of a formula.
An introduction to a dark story about somebody who was bad or who did something bad or who dealt with some form of darkness. And yet there is something about dolls that make it all the more scarier.

From the days of Chucky, I always found any sort of dolls close to him very creepy and it was all because of that movie. And for this movie, I think it's just basically the girl version of Chucky. That's right I said it. I mean c'mon this movie definitely has elements of Chucky in it. I mean doll that can't really die? Seriously that was Chucky's thing. What about the other stuff that was in there I mean girl who hangs herself... Sounds familiar right?(The Ring) Although, the Ring doesn't really deal with hanging it does deal with some sort of death dealing with a girl.

But every part of this movie I sort of could feel what was coming next. I mean even the part where the exorcist guy was called in I was like really? You're going to rip off the Exorcist now? But I digress. There are some parts that are genuinely scaring but the parts of the jump scare with the doll I kinda laughed at because I predicted it well and i was like seriously? We're going with that? And chuckled.

But honestly, the days of Alfred Hitchcock are gone and thriller/horror movies have kind of evolved but always sort of stuck to Hitchcock's formula of having a good scare scene come in there but doesn't give space to why there is supposed to be the scare. With the movies now we do sort of know the story of it we know that they're going to be scared because they do have a scene dedicated to showing the doll that got her spun off as well; Anabelle and thus, sucks out the scariness because they go too overboard with the exposition.

In my honest opinion there should be a balance and with Conjuring I felt that there was too much exposition here and there. It's very hard to talk about the elements for a horror movie because for one the plot and the story line and even the characters are quite stereotypical, just watch any early Scary movie and that's the characters you would find here and as for the story line it's over exposed, the plot is mostly predictable. Again a few good scares here and there but then nothing more. For me, a horror movie is very hard to do, but one of the best that did so well was the Chucky series. Now that always crept me out, and even more so was they did find the balance they were able to create so much mystery around this character and sucked you in and that made the scare so much more scarier and much more unexpected because you tend to focus on Chucky because you wanna find out what keeps him going and will he find a way to do it.

And in the end, I think horror movies could learn from Chucky and perhaps evolve the craft a little bit more because even the Chucky series fell victim to a formula after awhile and that's something, the horror movie industry have to be wary about.


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