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Well Everyone it's Batman Day. The day where we recognize the man that normally get put on some kind off registry because of his penchant for adopting orphans and said orphans for some reason attempting to kill him.

I kid of course. We all love Batman. How can you honestly not?! It's The Dark Knight of Gotham, the Worlds Greatest Detective! The only thing that can stop this man is when he can't find a way to link a certain case to the guy who killed his parents.

Of course over the years and with so many iterations of Batman there's bound to be some that people like over the others. I'm no different so for this special day let's give a special Blue's Views to-.


Okay, guess this needs to be addressed. I don't know if anyone really noticed; aside from some really nice and caring staff. I had been gone for a long time and I apologize. Due to personal things in my life and muse being as fickle as the Rams having a decent season, I had unfortunately let a lot fall to the wayside. I don't want it to happen again and I will do everything I can to keep that promise guys. Thank you for understanding.

BUT! Now that we got my plea for forgiveness is gone let's get back to the article!

On today's Blue's Views: We're looking at the top five iterations of Batman! Why five? Because any more and I'd have top 52.

Now there is a rule to this list: No version of him is off limits. Comics, cartoons, games and movies are all fair. There are a lot of Batman and I wanted to show a varied list.

Number 5: Christian Bale from the Dark Knight Trilogy

Easily one of the favorites of almost every Bat-Fan. Bale and Nolan helped bring Batman back from years of nothing after the original animated series left the air and the Justice League Unlimited ended their run.

Going straight to the Dark and gritty Batman we have what many believed to be the best Batman put to film and I was one of them (Before anyone asks Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises is the order I prefer the series.) The writing was fun, the fights were a blast to watch and the batsuit was just something to behold.

There were problems of Bale's Batman sounded like a dog with throat cancer and the under utilization of the power house that was Michael Caine was simply shameful.

Regardless the movies were awesome and Bale is definitely one of the better movie Batmen.

Number 4: Will Arnett as Batman from The Lego Movie



That, that's real music right there guys. Lego movie was just amazing to watch, the humor on point, the cinematography just astounding and the music? So damn catchy. It was a movie that showed you this: No matter how old you are, Liam Neeson will pop up somewhere to kill you.

A movie about a guy who's not that special and wants to show that he can be is a nice story that is easily overtaken when Batman pops up; played by Arrested Development and TMNT star Will Arnett. Instead of the typical Batman who's just a badass with sweet gadgets, they turn him into nothing else but a jock who has everything; even the main love interest.

Throughout the movie he just has amazing lines and even when he does something selfish you can't help but love him and at the end he's shown as the dick with the heart of gold. This is why he lands here on the list. Fun just wins out for me when it comes to just straight grim and gritty that Nolan tried.

So to remember such awesomeness Let's end his bit with some real music.


If Bruce ever left the mantle of the unyielding spirit of justice in Gotham I can only think of one person fit enough to take the role.

That's right, I'm talking about-.


Before we were interrupted by such a terrible decision from people whom are supposed to be making good stuff with such an iconic character. I was talking about the one true person who was supposed to take over the mantle after Bruce's “demise” in the even comic Final Crisis.

Number 3: Dick Grayson (Pre-Boot)

We all the story. The Flying Grayson's were the greatest attraction at Haley's Circus. The Circus which had the unfortunate event of stopping in Gotham City and catching the interest of Tony Zucco. A mobster whom came a knockin' one day and when Haley tried to throw him out we witnessed something that mirrors the Dark Knight. Bruce, seeing himself in young Grayson, took him under his wing and boom! Robin the Boy Wonder was born.

He brought the youthful and happy energy that batman kind of needed and was the first in the long line of soon to be heroes known as Side-Kicks. He even went on to be one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, which soon became the stepping stone for all teen heroes before becoming heroes on their own or villains...or a recovering alcoholic blamed by Red Arrow for letting his daughter die (That happened and we all let that happen.)

The years came and went. Dick got bigger (Hah) and struck out on his own as Nightwing, the hero of the Haven. Then time continued, his city grew, crime changed, he got raped by a female anti-hero and his entire city blew up because of the Society of Villains dropped a living toxic waste dump on top of it. He moved to New York and after a stint there came back to Gotham to take care of the city his father had left in his capable hands.

Dick was hesitant of course. He didn't think he could live up to the legacy and after some kick in the pants words of encouragement by Alfred, Dick takes the mantle and instead of being Dick Grayson Playing Bruce being Batman he becomes Dick Grayson being Batman.

Dick's Batman was a more lighthearted one, still a great detective, he kept that sense of humor he had as Robin and left the brooding to Bruce's son Damian; whom took the role of Robin. Together they fought back, dealing with their own villains in the form of Professor Pyg, The flamingo and even the head of the Black Glove Doctor Simon Hurt; whom was a devil worshiping cultist that was actually Thomas Wayne (Not Bruce's father but shared the same name)...Comics are weird.

The time came and unfortunately it had to end with Flashpoint. Rebooting the universe and Dick goes back to being Nightwing with a recolored costume that looks like Marvel ripped it off while doing their Avenger's Vs. X-Men series.

I still read the old stuff as I felt that it gave more growth to Dick with accepting his role someday as the new and true Batman after Bruce.

Number 2: Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton Batman series

Mr. Mom played Batman...

I wasn't even alive for Mr. Mom but it still makes me smile that a man can go from a movie like that to a movie about probably one of the greatest heroes alive. Funny enough, I wasn't the only one who thought so. In fact some even went as far to say it was a terrible idea; as stated by the numerous letters sent in attempts to prevent it all from happening.

All those people crying foul were easily silenced though when the movie came out and it was a hit. Keaton's Batman was something people hadn't seen before, especially when compared to Adam West's rendition of the character.

Keaton hit all the right notes with Bruce's isolation and sorrow all while showing that even batman can joke and smile...the smile was really scary though guys. Every time Batman smiles Seto Kaiba feels inferior and he doesn't know why.

The first movie was a hit, having that balance of comic fun and Darkness that Burton is known for. Naturally a sequel was to come but the problem was that it went too far into Darkness and the fun of the comic was almost gone. Even power houses like Michelle Pfiefer, Christopher Walken and the great Danny DeVito couldn't make it as good as it's predecessor. So with this in mind a new director was chosen and a new Batman.

But we'll always remember the awesomeness that was and is the first great movie Batman.

Before we go into the number one spot we have to discuss some honorable mentions:

Adam West – 1960's Batman

Where that damn belt did and still has everything. While I wanted him on the list I just couldn't in good conscience do it because while I said I like fun this didn't have enough of the Batman I liked as I grew up.

Bruce Wayne – Superman Red Son

In Soviet Russia...he's still The Goddamn BATMAN! Red Son is an amazing book but I didn't put it on here for a simple reason. That's not my Batman. I'm open to the Batmen of nations but my Batman is an American...from New Jersey...I may need to make some changes later.

Terry McGinnis – Batman Beyond

Batman takes on an apprentice in a cyberpunk Gotham?

This show was amazing and I have so much love for it. Why is it not on here? Because to me it felt too much like the Dick Grayson pick, besides He get's trained by both Dick and Bruce in the comics anyway so I think it covers everything.

Ben Affleck – Superman VS Batman: Dawn of Justice

The man goes from the Hero of Hell's Kitchen to the Dark Knight...not gonna lie it seems pretty lateral guys. While I'm excited for the movie next year I have my reservations and while the trailers look amazing I can't put him on here until the final product really comes out. So for right now we'll wait until it's all said and done and we have our new Batman.

Here we go guys!

Number 1: Kevin Conroy from Batman The Animated Series!

Anyone s
Anyone s

Anyone who didn't see this coming...I weep for you in my nightmares. For a lot of kids in my generation, this was the first glimpse at Batman we ever got and introduced us to the awesomeness that was DC super heroes. Kevin Conroy though was Batman, he had this uncanny ability to voice Bruce Wayne and Batman in such a way you even questioned if it was the same person voicing the Dark Knight.

Four seasons that show played with two movies and lead ins to Superman's own show and a growing cast that brought in Dick Grayson as Nightwing and Tim Drake as the second TV Robin...I get why Jason has the abandonment complex now.

The show ran it's course and we have so much more batman now with the games and movies and the Batman animated movies that lose all point because the stories they're using have a larger scale and they can only do so much thus fall flat. But we can all lay back and enjoy the one thing that solidified Conroy's performance as the Dark Knight with probably the greatest line ever:

There we go guys, feel's good to be back writing and hopefully I can keep to it this time.

What'd you guys think? Think I missed anyone important? Think you can do a better list? Leave a comment below to tell me so or link me to your article. I'd love to read it.

Till then my friends!


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