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I would start by saying I am a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, trust me sometimes i have absolutely no idea why. This article addresses the problems i have with MCU all the way from Iron Man down to [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). I’m not much of a writer but I hope you enjoy the post.

Too Much Humor

The first thing that got me attracted to Marvel Cinematic Universe was actually the humor but now I think they are taking it overboard, if I’m watching a comedy movie I know what I’m in for, but I honestly don’t want to be laughing while I’m seeing Aliens Ravaging my planet and about to be taken over by a broken, cunning psycho God Loki and especially not when my planet is facing world Extinction because of some robot on Steroids.

I’m not saying to stop the funny catchy phrases , I’m just saying know the right place and time to make a joke, there are a lot of places in the movie to fix one or two jokes but not when things are supposed to be heated, Its almost like a slap to the face I mean I’m watching a movie and i am so engrossed in it, you know, that feeling t like it’s almost happening for real then I hear a joke while a city is in the sky like that alone is not hard to phantom, like wtf, totally not necessary…. A man with a bow and arrow (Clint Barton, Hawk eye) and (Romanov, Black Widow) with her hand pistols that she seems to be firing just two shots every scene reminiscing about Budapest almost like they were nostalgic when you are supposed be trying to fight not just for your survival but for that of your Planets.

Im not saying to go dark like Dc jst be serious when seriousness is needed .

Do we Really need the Avengers?

I mean they faced an alien warrior race, judging from what I saw in the movie I think the military could handle that if they had just as much Intel as the Avengers did, The Aliens in Battle of Los Angeles were tougher than the chitauries and we handled that fine, we handled Godzilla, phucking Kaijus, nd we can’t handle Chitauries ??? really, if an Arrow could kill them, I guessing an M14, FAD or even an AK47 should be sufficient I mean, BW was killing them off with a hand pistol, it was still military missile that destroyed the mother ship, still a human scientist just another smart guy that figured out how to close the portal, I mean we need a Villain that would make us cry out for the Avengers , someone like Zod, we are totally powerless against someone like him hence the need for the MOS… Ultron ?? im not even gonna go into details about him just yet. Al Qaeda did more damage than an Alien warrior race. Plus I can be an avenger save the world and make it back home for Lunch, their battle starts and end during lunch break.

Too Many Questions

The MCU leaves us with way too many questions

1. Where were the Avengers when Thor brought the battle of the survival of the nine realms to earth? (They should have just excluded earth from the battle, maybe fight on earth for like a min or two and move somewhere else so we can attribute that to lack of response time ).

2. How did Loki survive the fall In Thor Part one ending?

3. Where was Hawk Eye when Nick fury was shot and S.H.I.E.L.D was going to shits in Winter Soldier?, was he on an administrative leave ?

4. For what reason did Ultron keep Black Widow alive ? he didn’t use her for anything, it was like that scene happened just so hulk could save her and then have their 1 minute romance .

5. What Water did Thor deep himself into that made him see the future or the solution to their 99 problems?

6. I thought Iron man retired after Iron man 3, removed the arc reactor from his chest and blew up almost all his suits if not all, why was he still fighting with the avengers at the beginning of the Movie?.

7. They made us believe that Captain America and black widow had a thing in The winter soldier were did She and Hulk romance start from it like it dropped out of the blue or was I the only one thinking that ?

It was almost like Age of Ultron was a totally different movie from their other movies.

Weak Villains

When I mean weak villains I don’t mean it in terms of physical strength or in the amount of destruction they can inflict, I mean character wise. I believe to make a perfect hero you also have to make a perfect villain, someone or something that would constantly challenge the Hero and push him to the limit all the time. To make a villain like that we need to have a proper story or understand what motivates the villain or character.

As a Hero is being created the ideas of his villains should come to mind and should be written with as much passion as the hero was written, unfortunately this is something I have giving up on Marvel for , something I know I will never see Marvel do.

Iron man 1 his Villain Iron Monger, it was almost like the guys was like half way into the movie they realized they needed a bad guy and fixed him in, doesn’t have as much detail on him as iron man and his motivation is not strong enough for him to feature in movie, even if he does they didn’t show that in the movie or was it Ultron that surfed the internet for 20 min and then he wants to destroy the human Race (He didn’t even utilize the net that was supposed to be one of its greatest weapons), what was its hatred for Tony based on ?, I felt he was to emotional for an A.I, I mean it was almost personal also whiplash a scientist crying about his father’s death and blames Tony and then creates a suit and how about Craptastic Four, sorry Floptastic Four, Fantastic Four, a lot of us would agree that the movie was anything but fantastic. I have read a lot of Marvel Comics and I know how great some of their villains are they just don’t know how to translate that badassness into the movies, look what they did to Victor Von Doom, Ultron, Mandarin, Eelktro e.t.c

Marvel movie world are all to story driven if only they can find that balance between character and story their movies would be a lot better that it already is then again it’s just my opinion, would love to read what u guys think about MCU so feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for Reading.


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