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It was a shock. Really, it was. It was a regular day, just surfing the web, when I found out pottermore had vanished. Well, not really, it simply was really really really diferent. I didn't even recognised it and I became really angry. What about my Ravenclaw account? Filled with so many items I collected during these years and with so much time invested in it! Why J.K Rowling? WHY?

But soon after, I started to discover the new pottermore. And you know what? It is simply amazing. I love the new layout, the simplicity of it, the fact that the new logo is written with Queen J.K. handwriting! My initial aprehension soon disappeared and I found out even more amazing things. So here is what I think of the change and what I found out:

In case you already don't know, soon you'll be able to create a new account with some new features. In addition to being part of a Hogwarts house and having a wand, you also will know (and get ready!) what your patronus would be. I don't know about you, but this was a thing I've always wondered, and I'm going to visit the website loads and loads of times just to find out when I can know what it is, I'm serious about this guys.

Also, we will have (of course) some new texts written by the best author in the world, and the website already has a brand new Potter family story, which I loved (as expected). I still have some things to read, and it's really easy to spend loads of time just discovering these texts and reading and re-reading them. Facts about the Cursed Child play and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie are already there, so check them out to not miss anything important.

Don't close yourself to this new magical Pottermore. Learn to love it, it won't be hard, I assure you.

And if you haven't discovered the new Pottermore, here it is! Enjoy.


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