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In honor of Batman day being on September 26th, I've decided to explore more of the villains we could see in Batman's solo films in one of my "What If Fan Casts." We already know who is playing The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and a few more, but who could bring some of the other iconic Batman Villains to life? Well, let's decide!

Two-Face: Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane, being just a year older than Ben Affleck, would be perfect to bring Two-Face on screen. He is great at playing characters with extreme internal conflicts, and he honestly looks a good bit like Aaron Eckhart. If they wanted to go with a Two-Face that is much like what we saw in the Nolan trilogy, then Jane is their best option.

Scarecrow: Adrien Brody

Yeah, I know that Adrien Brody is probably the most overused choice for Scarecrow, but that's because he's perfect for it! He's creepy as hell, he certainly looks like, well, a scarecrow I guess, and there's nothing stopping him from taking this role. He's already expressed that he wanted to play The Joker, so maybe he'd settle for a character a little less crazy? Just a little.

Mr. Zsasz: Rupert Friend

With Mr. Zsasz not being a very big villain, and with Rupert Friend still being bald after the extremely mediocre Hitman Agent 47, it's a perfect match! Friend has already proved he can (kinda) pull off a cold blooded killer, and if he could improve upon his performance as Hitman in the role of Victor Zsasz, he could be great.

Ra's Al Ghul: Jason Isaacs

Once again, a very overused option, but isn't Jason Isaacs the only option? He has such an intimidating screen presence, and could give us the respectable yet evil Ra's Al Ghul we deserve. While Liam Neeson was great in the role, Nolan just didn't give us the Ra's that's not entirely evil, and that's who I want to see with Isaacs.

Hush: Michael C. Hall

Hush is basically the evil Batman, so who better to play that than someone we all want to play Batman, but is good at playing evil characters? I would imagine seeing a Hush that resembles Dexter Morgan to a tee, so of course I would fan cast Dexter Morgan in the role! He's someone we can all see as evil, he has the body to play Batman, so therefor Hush as well, and he's a seriously great actor that I could imagine in any role. It just so happens that this is the one he has the most experience for!

Black Mask: Jon Hamm

Basically, Black Mask is a crooked business man/mobster. Who does that remind me off? Don Draper. Jon Hamm is one of the modern acting greats, and I would imagine that he would have no problem putting more of an evil twist on his iconic character for the Batman franchise.

Bane: Joe Manganiello

While I believe that nobody could do as good of a job playing Bane as Tom Hardy did, I think that Joe could at least get the closest in looks. This guy is ripped, and all that's missing is a shaved head and a mask. Forget about him in Magic Mike, and think about him as a serious actor. You know it could work.

Anarky: Dane DeHaan

While Dane DeHaan may not have been the best Green Goblin, I think that he could be the best Anarky. Having an older Batman means that all of his normal villains will probably be in their 40s as well, so therefore the once teenage Anarky would be in his 20s. Not only does that qualify DeHaan for the role, but he's perfect for it. He has the evil and unhinged look that Anarky would have, he plays crazy well, and if he's good enough for Spider-Man, then he's good enough for Batman.

Riddler: Andrew Scott

It's about time that The Riddler gets some redemption after Jim Carrey ruined everything about him, and who better than the hands down best Moriarty? He's pretty much already proved that he could play the best Riddler we'll ever see, so there's nothing to it but to do it! (Curious about who else could play The Riddler? Click here!)

Catwoman: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is still as beautiful as ever at age 40, and she is a perfect candidate for Catwoman. She's an amazing action star, she has the look for the character, and she's at the right age. I can't think of a reason why she couldn't be Catwoman!

Firefly: Charlie Day

I know everyone's probably tired of seeing comedic actors cast as superheroes, but just hear me out on this one. With the DCEU trying to stay away from origin stories, all we would basically need for Firefly is a frame and a voice. Charlie Day's voice certainly suits an insane pyromaniac, and while his frame is far from intimidating, that part doesn't matter much. Just as long as we could believe him as an adversary of the Bat, he would do just fine.

Calendar Man: John Goodman

I've always thought of John Goodman as being jolly and lovable, but after the movie The Gambler, he's proved to me that he can play cold blooded. If he can add more crazy into that cold blooded aspect, then he would be perfect! And no one captures the look of the character like this guy does.

Hugo Strange: Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland has proved in the Huger Games series that he can play smart and cold well, and I would love to see him apply that to Hugo Strange. He's not too far off from the look of the character already, so I would imagine that all he needs is glasses. Aside from that, he's a brilliant actor, and could be a great adversary of Batman.

Owlman: Zachary Quinto

Owlman is basically the evil and sadistic Earth-2 version of Batman, and I can think of no one better suited for that than Zachary Quinto. He can play cold and calculating characters like no one else, and if you don't think he can play a character with a Batman feel to him, watch Hitman Agent 47, you will be surprised. Don't think he sizes up to Affleck's Batman? Click here, you might be wrong!

Mr. Freeze: J.K. Simmons

Not only is J.K. Simmons a ridiculously good actor, but he's perfectly suited for Mr. Freeze. He's bald, he can act in almost any part, and he could bring us a different take on the character. He would still be woeful and only care about his wife, but he wouldn't be an intimidating strong man like Arnold was. That's what his suit would hopefully do.

Man-Bat: Joaquin Phoenix

Man-Bat is a scientist who accidentally turned himself into a hideous creature that comes out at night, and I don't see how Joaquin Phoenix is not cut out for this role. He plays freaky like no one else, he exudes internal conflict even when he's not trying, and he is such a big star that he could pull Man-Bat into the mainstream of Batman villains.

Poison Ivy: Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is a practically irresistible redhead, and that's all you really need to play Poison Ivy. As long as she can come across as crazy about her plants, then she would be perfect.

Red Hood: Jake Gyllenhaal

While everyone wanted Gyllenhaal to play Batman, I think that the Red Hood could be the next best thing. He's shown how good he as at playing characters who go from good to bad, and he certainly has the look and frame for the character. Don't agree? Click here to see some of my other choices!

The Penguin: Jon Favreau

While at 6 feet, Jon Favreau may seem too tall to play The Penguin, he matches every other aspect perfectly. He's on the pudgy side, he is an amazing actor, and could play a crime boss without fail. Besides they could always use a little movie magic to make him seem disabled like The Penguin.

Clayface: Leonardo DiCaprio

Clayface is an acting great who was turned into a literal monster, so who better for that than an acting great like Leo? He would be a familiar face to see in such things as a movie Clayface did before he was turned into said monster, a form for Clayface to take to seduce literally anyone, and such things like that. If he would agree to do it, then he could bring to life one of the most underrated Batman villains and make him one of the best Batman villains.

The Court of Owls: ?????

There's been a lot of buzz about The Court of Owls being in the new Batman solo films, but there are really no definitive characters you can cast. However, I would like to see some in-shape TV actors work their way into The Talons and make names for themselves/make their fans freak. Such as Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, Dylan O'Brien, Brett Dalton, Maggie Q, and actors like that.


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