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The Fourth Kind (2009) is a psychological sci-fi thriller directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and stars Resident Evil‘s very own Milla Jovovich who portrays the part of a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler. The film is said to be based on true events that happen to occur in Nome, Alaska in the year 2000 about a large number of the residents in Nome going missing. During the course of treating three of her patients, all three reporting the same sights and having the same symptoms, she uncovers the evidence of what appears to be the occurrences of alien abductions.

Seeing quite a low rating when I came across the film while browsing through some of the horror films that Netflix has to offer I went into the film with a skeptical mind, but in return I came out of the film with my mind completely blown to pieces. Before writing this review I decided to watch the film twice. With that being said, I absolutely enjoyed it and had a great time viewing this piece. In my honest opinion, it was truly a brilliant work of art.

One thing that I found very brilliant about the film and quite intriguing to say the least, is how the film is portrayed. The most brilliant thing I found about the film was the fact that it had two interesting components: one being dramatization where actors are reenacting the events that happened in 2000, then actual footage showing what really happened to the patients undergoing the events. At some points, the film would go into split screen. One side showing the dramatization, and the other side showing the ‘actual’ footage.

As I’ve said before in my honest opinion, it was a brilliant piece of film-work. I clearly have no clue why it got such a low rating as it did on the site, but I found it to be wonderful and I highly recommend it to all sci-fi and horror fans if you’ve yet to see this film.


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