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Unabashed Transformers fan. Man crush on Tom Hardy. Avid fan of Tommy Wiseau's cult disasterpiece The Room.
James Wood

Tom Hardy can do no wrong. I have a man crush on this guy and 2015 is a great year for the ridiculously talented actor. Mad Max Fury Road being the high point, taking over Mel Gibson's role as the road warrior. Tom Hardy played it gruff, almost monosyllabic and displayed the mannerisms of a feral animal unleashed. Next up his role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant will undoubtedly be another exciting performance to add to his shining filmography. In Legend he does something special, an awards worthy double role that is flawless through and through.

"London in the 1960's, everybody had a story about the Kray Twins", narrates Emily Browning, playing Frances Shea, the love interest of Reginald Kray, the slightly more sane half of the notorious London born twins The Krays. For a two hour plus film, following the story of these twins never gets boring. Director Brian Helgeland injects style in every scene, adding life and vibrance to the perfectly realised look of the 1960's, he balances the many comedic elements and dramatic moments brilliantly, never losing sight of tone. So when the humorous moments come they feel fitted and timed superbly, same goes for violence that shocks and hits hard, without jarring tonal shifts.

Tom Hardy is Reggie Kray. Unfathomably cool, effortlessly suave yet rather imposing, Hardy embodies the role so damn well. I’ve never seen the man give a bad performance, some stand out more than others but blimey he excels here. The cockiness, control and charm shine most, there’s not a single note wrong here. Hardy doesn’t do an impression or caricature, he dives into it.

Tom Hardy is Ronnie Kray. Unpredictable, endlessly quotable, menacing and impeccably voiced, Hardy’s second role in this biopic is excellent. It was two weeks ago I watched Legend and I am still quoting lines in the voice of Ronnie Kray. The deep, bumbling and salivary voice is gold, especially the line “I prefer boys. Italians, sometimes Greek but I am not prejudiced”. Having these two twins, both different in personality and mannerisms, creates some terrific tension and chemistry, and best of all a fight scene where the two go at it with some brutal moves and grabs.

Loaded to the brim with British talent, with standout performances coming from Emily Browning and the brilliantly mean Tara Fitzgerald, this is one of the best British films in years and one to check out and watch again and again. There’s been some criticisms faced at the film regarding what really happened and how The Krays have been received, but I chose to look past that and enjoy the film and blimey this is hugely entertaining.


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