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James Wood

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. Two of the funniest stars in comedy and also two superb actors both taking the lead in this spoof of the romantic comedy genre. How can I miss this? They Came Together gets off to a rocky start, but the laughs start steadily piling in one after the other and then it doesn't stop, leaving you very little space to get your breath back due to the amount of gut busting laughs that are in store.

It's typical boy meets girl, at first they don't get on but over time they begin to warm to one another. Their work and family lives clash but they get through. All these familiar tropes come together, except all these cliches are spoofed to perfection. Think back to classics such as Airplane! and The Naked Gun where visual gags, puns galore and double entendre comes in bundles, They Came Together knows exactly what to do with them, most of the jokes land successfully like the jokes did in those two Leslie Nielsen hits.

The performances all hit the nail on the head. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are absolutely brilliant, the cheesy chemistry and looks of love are suitably tacky and melodramatic. Some of Rudd's comical faces are hysterical, it's exactly the stuff you'd expect to see in a romantic comedy except exaggerated. Poehler's slapstick, timing and unabashed optimism is fitting and the way her and Rudd play off each other makes for some of the funniest comedy movie moments of the year.

There's excellent support from familiar and funny faces like Melanie Lynskey, Cobie Smulders, Christopher Meloni, Ed Helms and Max Greenfield, plus many more cameos. Seeing actors who are known for serious roles doing silly things in this film is a marvel and gut-bustingly funny. The sex scene montage is one of the highlights of the film that completely defines over the top, and the loved up couple montages work superbly, as well as a scene where a drunken Paul Rudd drinks himself silly at a bar and has a conversation with a waiter that had me crying with laughter. You must'n miss They Came Together, one of the most criminally underrated comedies, a real gem.


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