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The CW:

The CW Replaced Smallville by Arrow

But will they replace The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural with the new upcoming rumored show?

Name: Day and night.

Plot: It's a special college, some 18 year olds get powers and get into a new world. Their parents are possible wizards, witches, angels, gods, demi-gods, hellhound or powered people. And the 18 year olds get to feel it. And get into a special college for those kind of people. When 7 People get group homework, they don't get along well. But when everybody is a sleep something doesn't feels right and they get attacked. Will they work together?

Episodes: 25

Seasons: Set for 4 Seasons and change of cast.

Runtime: 70 Minutes.

Genre(s): Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama & Fantasy

Makers: Eric Kripke (Supernatural) & Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries)

Director: Craig Irvin (Nowhere Boys)


Cody Christian (As the son of Hades) (Pretty Little Liars & Teen Wolf) (Lead)

Jake T. Austin (As a Hellhound) (The Fosters) (Lead)

Claire Holt (As a witch) (The Originals)

Katie Leclerc (Angel) (Switched at birth)

Avan Jogia (Power boy) (Twisted & Tut)

Zoey Deutch (As a Witch) (Vampire Academy)

Jesse Henderson (As a Wizard) (Finding Carter)

Zach Roerig (Villain) (The Vampire Diaries)

Cara Delevingne (Villain/Witch) (Paper Towns)

Chelsea Kane (Villain) (Babby Daddy)

It's a TV Show that will catch a lot of ratings.

ABC Family:

Pretty Little Liars was rumored to go to the CW, but that won't happen.

ABC will replace the show by another show off course. The Fosters and Young and Hungry don't get high ratings. So will the new show do it?

Name: No name

Plot: 2 Brothers who move to a new city, full with gangs and mafia(s). When they hit the wrong person they get hunted down.

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Genre(s): Mistery, Thriller, Drama & action

Makers: Marlene King (Pretty Little Liars) and Charles Pratt Jr. (The Lying Game)


Drew Van Acker (Pretty Little Liars) (Lead)

Cole Sprouse (Zack & Cody) (Lead)

Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars)

Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars)

Leon Thomas III (Victorious)

Grace Phipps (Teen Beach Movie)


MTV was ready to replace Teen Wolf with Faking It, Finding Carter & ... but they don't get the right ratings to do so. Teen Wolf will go on for a little while longer, maybe 2 to 4 seasons more. But will they still be the lead show in 2 years? MTV hopes not.

Name: Creatures of the night

Plot: A guy moves to a city, when he gets bitten by a wolf, he becomes one, but he can't control his powers. Sometimes he shifts into a full wolf and sometimes in a werewolf. But when other creatures hear about a werewolf in their city they won't be happy. When an Alpha attacks him, he kills it (Accidently). But how can he learn if there aren't any wolfs? Or are there? Vampire packs, Wendigo Pack, Cat pack and more will hunt him down. Or can he make a pack?

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Action, Drama & Fantasy

Makers: Aaron Martin (Degrassi: the Next Generation) & Lee Shipman (Hemlock Grove)


Colton Haynes (Arrow & Teen Wolf) (Lead) (Wolf, 17 years old)

Gregg Sulkin (Faking It) (Lead) (Wolf, 17 years old)

Bella Thorne (The Duff) (Villain/Anti Hero) (Lead) (Human, 17 Years old)

Cody Saintgnue (Teen Wolf) (Lead) (Wolf, 17 years old)

Austin Butler (The Shannara Chronicles) (Vampire, 18 Years old)

Laura Marano (Austin & Ally) (Vampire, 16 Years old)

Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) (Wolf, 16 years old)

Austin North (I Didn't do it) (Vampire, 17 Years old)

Leo Howard (Kickin It) (Wolf, 16 Years old)

Matthew Underwood (Zoey 101) (Wendigo, 17 Years old)

Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101) (Witch, 18 Years old)

Dylan Schmid (Bunks) (Wolf, 15 Years old)

Spencer Boldman (Lab Rats) (Banshee, 18 Years old)

Runtime: 45 Minutes


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