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I am not a movie critic, I am just a guy who loves movies

Mad max is one of my favorite movie franchises and mad max fury road is the best in the franchise so far. So mad max fury road is a movie that's has some of the best action scenes that I have ever seen, and its also visual storytelling at its best. And I personally think that new movie directors or action directors need to watch this film and and take note and than you will know how to do a action film. George Miller the director of all the mad max film's is 70 year's old and he's directing better movies than people have he's age.

The good. Iam having a lot of trouble trying to say the things I like about this film, there are just to many things that I like about this film the characters are fantastic the action is spectacular and the story is so good And I've have seen it once in the theatres and 15 time on blu-ray and every time I watch this movie it just get better and better and better as the more I watch it. And there are so many eater eggs in the film, so keep your eye on those. I could go on for days about this film and just talk about how good this movie really is. And if you have not seen this film yet, well let me tell you. You must see this film as soon as you can it's really that good.

The bad. I got nothing to say about the bad, there is nothing wrong with the movie it's just a masterpiece. So go out and see mad max fury road right now.

Final verdict. This film has some of the best action scene of all time, and like i said earlier the characters are fantastic just everything about this film is so good. So overall I am going to give mad max fury road 5 out of 5 stars. It's a must see film and a masterpiece.

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