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Marvel, action, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, crime and totally foolish stuff is what I like ... EXCLUDING: dramatic-romance-crap.

In case you didn't get the obvious ... I'm not a fan of the blonde ... who knows it all. Yes, ALL. But maybe, that's why this series got pontential? ... maybe I need someone to »hate« (if I in general would hate, I'd hate her :D but I don't hate). Then again I apprecciate the fact that absolutely nobody can be pigeonholed in »the 100« ... the good become bad, the bad become ... ugly (:D) ... sorry, good of course. And some just simply die.

By the way, they die a lot. So I'd say, if you like the WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED (?!) feeling – watch it.

Yeah, just watch it.


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