ByElizabeth McNeece, writer at

Our imaginations are a part of us. good bad scary funny sexy- they run the gamut. It is also a powerful tool. The more we focus our energies into a scenario we create - the intensity, time and thought we devote to the fulfilment of our fantasy- fine tuning it with each repetition, most of us may not understand that our minds are very powerful and the real possibility that we change realities by focusing our energies into any one thought. Now multiply your fantasy about celebrity "A" who is married or in a relationship with celebrity "B", by 200,000-300,000 people independently (without awareness of each other) focusing that negative thought directly aimed at this couple. Factor in that the couple have no awareness of this "attack" that rids the spouse of our fantasy focus so that we feel better about them being out of the picture- after all, we don't want to be the homewrecker- so we conveniently do away with (somehow) the obstacle. Now I don't think anyone is maliciously and actively doing this, I just don't think it is recognised as a consequence. I think it is a lack of awareness that has devastating effects on the lives of the famous. So, if you are famous, consider the possibility and guard yourself well. Stay aware that it can affect your personal life and reinforce your feelings for your loved one. This is something l see as real- you will notice that l won't even give a name to use as an example. I won't let it manifest in this world - as l know it would add to that collective thought- admittedly it has made me responsible for my thoughts. I should say made me "aware of my responsibility" for my thoughts.


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