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The words that are slowly killing the tv industry.....

Now, first a little housekeeping, I am NOT saying that traditional tv is totally dead and that we should all throw our set top boxes into the street and start rioting. Well, not yet anyway.


It's no secret at this stage that the streaming market for television and movies have sky rocketed in recent years, what with the dawn of the digital age coming into full swing and we can't pretend that the tv companies aren't feeling the effects. I mean, where I live in Ireland (shout out to dublin; woo!!) tv providers such as sky which is like the equivalent of verizon for those of you in the good ol' US of A, they have been both offering insane deals out the wazoo but have also been 'sky' rocketing (sorry) prices at the same time. "But that's counter-productive", I hear you say, well whilst it seems strange, it also makes sense. Think about it, with netflix only costing €7 or $8 a month, these companies are bleeding money to people going to the cheaper option so they have to jack up prices to make up the lost revenue. Now, like I said before, tv is not dead and they are still holding up against netflix and hulu+ and the rest, but the gap is not as big as it was, like at all, I mean look at the facts, since 2013, the number of households in the US with a subscription service like netflix grew from 36% to 40% the next year! That is huge growth in the space of a year, and I think of a very big reason why, originals. Don't get me wrong, tv still has amazing originals such as BBC's Sherlock, CW's flash and arrow series and of course things such as AMC's the walking dead (the reason for absence of HBO shows is because they are also available on HBO go) but it can't be denied that people have noticed these on demand shows. Think about it, netflix have Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in house of cards, they have the recently released Narcos which is amazing, orange is the new black and I'm sure I'm missing some. Let's not forget about the likes of Amazon who gave us the surprise hit, Ripper Sreet and I think that the chinks in the armour are starting the show.


We haven't even talked about movies yet, tv doesn't hold a candle to what these services provide in terms of films, for example, netflix in Ireland got the third hobbit film last month, LAST MONTH! The film only came out last christmas for pete's sake!

Maybe it's just me, perhaps tv is just waiting for the perfect moment to strike back or perhaps it's lying down looking up at the ceiling waiting for the bell to toll, but who am I say, what do you think? Has tv still got life left in it or is the writing on the wall? Let me know what you think and be sure to check out my other posts. You can also contact me through twitter here, @AdamMcRann


What's the outcome?


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