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Mad max fury road is a must own blu-ray. And I am here to talk about the mad max fury road blu-ray. And yes I know that there many other editions of the mad max fury road on blu-ray, there's a 3D blu-ray, a 2D blu-ray and a steelbook and by the way I have all those editions just because this movie is so incredible. So without further ado lets start the review out by talking about the movie and my rating for it.
Movie 5/5
Mad max fury road is a masterpiece, and that's all that's need to say.
Picture quality 5/5
The picture quality is so amazing for this release. The colors in the film Orange and blue just pop right at you. And it is just so Crystal cearl.
Sound quality 5/5
The sound for this blu-ray is totally worth the price of the purchase alone. The sound is big and booming, The sound is truly fantastic.
Special features and extras 4/5
The special features on this release are good, but not great. Don't get me wrong there is some really good behind the scenes features and other good and intersecting stuff , but the big thing that really pushes down my score form being a 4.5/5 to a 4/5 is that there is no audio commentary on the blu-ray. But overall the special features are still pretty good and very interesting.
Final score/ verdict and recommendation 4.5/5
Mad max fury road is a incredible masterpiece of action and cinema, with eye poping visuals and great characters and one of the best sound tracks of all time so overall I am going to give the mad max fury road blu-ray release a 4.5/5 and comes in Highly recommended.
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