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I can't wait for another Friday The 13th, Love the idea of the winter setting.... like maybe kids of the surviving victims find news paper clippings/ articles ext: & Wethersfield or not believe it, they decide to take a road trip ( off season ) to Camp Crystal Lake and start snooping around & see what they can find out for themselves and just as there not convinced, the decide to stay the night ( maybe do some heavy drinking and shenanigans lol ) they wake up early afternoon the next day and realize there snowed in and decide to wait it out & whalah, let the convincing begin... make it a 2 1/2 / 2 3/4 hr movie & before that all takes place maybe go deep r in to Jason'so past, like seeing him grow up being picked on and not excepted, & how the some of the camp counselorsite didn't have much patience with him, maybe show a lil of how his family life was ( mom, who his dad is.... make it mind blowing ) but some creative killings in the wintery mix would be so VIVID & Intense... Whatever you guy's decide to do... just do it right, & be creative.... Maybe bring Cory Feldman back as Tommy Jarvis, Maybe he lives Close by, in a Cabin or some shit, or lives in the town where the kids came from and parents are worried and he grow's some cahoni's lol and goes after them lol..... he'll I don't know...Mind's going crazy now..... Piece People :)


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