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So far in Gotham we have seen plenty of villains for example, Fish Mooney, Penguin, and Carmine Falcone. These are some great villains that really keep the show moving, the show so far is amazing is in it's season which has just started. Bruce Wayne has had his fair share of run in's with a young Catwoman and as well as a young Poison Ivy. The question at hand here is will they introduce Bane into Gotham season 2 and what are the possibility's of it?

What is the possibility of Bane being in Gotham?

I am hoping that Fox takes into consideration that some people would love to see a young Bane in Gotham. This could be most likely be before Bane gets injected with TITAN. Fox may have this planned out and I am just speculating this, but the possibility is a 50/50 chance since there are so many villains, from Fish Mooney to the Dollmaker which we have seen him make a terrible monstrosity out of a man. Bane would make a wonderful addition to Gotham with him being on their full time committing small or large crimes such as heist's or small robberies. Bane could make the rating's of the show go up significantly if they introduced him. The possibility of Bane as I previous is a 50/50 chance of him appearing on Fox's Gotham, and it's all up to the producers and all of us can only hope to see Bane one day in Gotham.

How could Bane be introduced?


There are plenty of way's that Bane could be introduced to Gotham. He could appear in one of the shooting gallery's that Regi was in before he died, and for all we know Selena could already know Bane, she probably just hasn't had any reason to ask Bane for a favor. Bane could be planning a big heist and hasn't done it yet or is planning some petty theft's, he could be working for Don Falcone But is unlikely since he is leaving the business or so he says he is. There are many possible ways for him to become apart of the show but as I said earlier it is up to Fox and the producers.

What do you think?

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