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answer to question: "do you believe in ghosts?"

So this is a bit confusing, bare with me... feel free to disbelieve, (if it hadn't happened to me I'd think it was a load of rubbish) but it's left me with enough questions that I can't dismiss other peoples ghost stories outright.

I used to work on one of those stalls that prints your digital pics on canvas; the worst part of the job was when we got a family who needed a picture for a funeral, you learn to spot them fast, you do your best for them, but it's not like you can bring someone back to life with photoshop.
A family, mum, dad, and teenage daughter came to me with two photos, one of the girl who was with them (a bit tubby, about 14, pretty, but sad and awkward, I took an instant like to her), in the picture she was standing in front of a waterfall, a rainbow around her, it was a great shot.
The second photo was of an older girl, much slimmer, very pretty, about 17, you could see enough similarity between this girl and one in the first photo that you could instantly say "sisters". It was a terrible photo, bad light, very grainy, and it needed a lot of work before I could make it print at large size.
It was pretty clear from the get go that the older girl had died, and the dad told me this was the last photo taken of her.
There were some blemishes on the photo; some zits, litter in the back-ground, the sort of thing I'd normally air-brush out as a matter of course, but I chatted to the girl about cleaning up the pic as I did it. This was something I often did with girls that age, because it can help with self esteem.
I asked if there was anything she wanted changing on the one of her in front of the waterfall, she smiled, a very pretty smile, and said no, "It's a perfect picture of a perfect day."
I remember getting a bit pissed off with the parents; they seemed to be ignoring their younger daughter, they'd even repeat things she'd just said like they couldn't even hear her; having a sister who was very ill when I was that age, and parents who didn't let her tell me about it until a few years later, I really identified with this younger girl struggling to cope with her uncommunicative parents, and while I kept my professional cool, I couldn't help but remember them very clearly.

A few weeks later the mum came back, to order two more copies of the memorial shot, since we had a 3for2 offer on at the time I asked if she'd like a second copy of the shot of her other daughter... she looked at me like I'd got two heads, "What do you mean?" she asked, her eyes welling up...
"You know, your younger daughter, the one who was with you before, the one in front of the waterfall..." seeing her face I trailed off.
"I only had one daughter," she sobbed, "both pictures were of her, but she died."
I gave her a hug, and got her a coffee, printed the pics and handed them over, apologised for the misunderstanding, saying I must have made a mistake, (even though I remembered the family very clearly), and watched her walk away, wondering how nuts I'd look if I told her what I'd seen.

Like I said, confusing and not exactly scientific, probably not the kind of creepy tale you were looking for, just a bit sad really, but enough to leave me wondering.


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