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Batman v Superman is one of the biggest superhero films of all time for many reasons. It's establishing the new DC Film Universe, it's the first time these two amazing heroes share the big screen with each other, and it's the first time they fight on the big screen, too. Now, Warner Bros. has already given us two trailers, a small teaser back in May and the Comic-Con trailer that showcased pure awesome action. The one thing I noticed, however, was the lack of Superman. In the first teaser, we got a very short glimpse of him, and in the full trailer, he had no speaking role at all; it was a very Batman centric trailer in my opinion. However, Heroic Hollywood may have uncovered some secrets about the next few trailers.

Two One-Minute Teasers Will Air on the Same Night

That's right, the same night! Here's the supposed catch, though...

Superman Will Have His Own Teaser

That's Right, It's My Movie Too!
That's Right, It's My Movie Too!

On October 26th, Superman will apparently have his own One-Minute teaser trailer with the Supergirl premiere. So you can probably guess the next teaser...

Batman's One-Minute Teaser Will Be Shown during Gotham That Night

Which is pretty cool! Superman with Supergirl and Batman with Gotham. Sorry, I totally just nerded out over that. Anyway, the two teasers will allegedly converge into one longer cinematic trailer to be shown around Thanksgiving time. Remember, this is just a theory, so take it with a grain of salt.

Source: Heroic Hollywood


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