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If I had to say what would be up there at the top of my list, it'd be The Shining. And the thing about it, (lol) it isn't the Room 237 bathtub chic nor is it the infamous scene of the twin girls in the hallway of what did it to me (even though the latter of the two scenes mentioned is what most other people choose as their so-called 'top spooky moment' of the flic). Nope, what got me really bad was the scene where Shelly Duvall's character is off in the blue wall(ed) wing of the hotel, where it was earlier told the employees would sleep at, looking for her son Danny. Then out of nowhere she suddenly freezes up in motion w/pure horror shown across her face. The camera zooms in to this look on her face quick from far away, as Kubrick did oh so well, which just adds more terror to the moment. Then we see what she's looking at down the hall in an opened door bedroom (which for whatever reason(s) I'm still to this day unsure of). What so mysteriously seems to be an elderly man in a tuxedo lying on the bed getting oral sex from what seems to be another man dressed up in a weird-ass bear costume. Then, as the camera starts to do another quick zoom-in w/them, the elder man raises up as they both then just strangely sit and stare back at her. It's a very odd scene, so odd to where it just always struck me with a 'WTF was that moment?' that just always stayed with me for some reason. Hell I didn't even know or was aware of anyway that there was a sort of 'sexual whatever' scene happening there until I watched it again later on when I was old enough to know, or at least have the sense to be aware of what it looked like they were doing. That is since the supposed act was happening right before they go to do another quick zoom-in to actually see anything blatant, I guess. Idk, here I am 5 yrs old when The Shining was released in 1980 & of all the psychopaths, axe murderers, ghosts, Jasons, Michaels and Freddys etc. that were found thruout all the horror/suspenseful flics all that time growing up...What got to me most was a supposed homosexual wearing a bear costume who has the hots for well dressed elderly men and like to hangout in hotels that are closed for the season! Lol, go figure!


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