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Have you ever wanted to join the military when you are playing your daily dose 12 hour experience in the HD realm of Grand Theft Auto: V? All of you guys that have modded your PC or Xbox 360 just so you could play as the military and get their uniform. Well, if you answered yes to that question, Rockstar has hinted in GTA V that what you've been impatiently waiting for! The hint was located in an Ammunition Store with Range and the sign said the following: If you suspect terrorism call the LSPD on 1-999-TERROR. And Rockstar developers and officials have said that joining the military in GTA VI isn't that far off, and that it is a high possibility for it to happen. That's right, you'll be able to join the military in Grand Theft Auto: VI; which is rumorly told to be located in either Rio De Janeiro, Miami, or London. We'll list the all the details of the Military Heists below—which is coming from a reliable source, via CaptainIce14—:

•You'll be able to obtain a Army Combat Uniform(Helmet, Boots, Combat Gear, and possibly a mask?)

•This will be for story mode

•Your General, General Zimmerman, will assign you and your team, a team of four, to capture: a National security threat, international killers/drug/gun dealers, government/politician/scientist fraud, terrorists, etc.

•These Missions will be marked by MH

•You will be able to choose three members from a marketable asset of choices, including the following people: Francisco Richmond, Chad Vespucci, Kurt Valley, Michael Stone, Chef, Norm, and/or Packie.

•Each crew member has the following as skill sets, but are different levels and can be improved through each mission(2% increase per person per mission): Tactical Skill, Flying, Lung Capacity, Stealth, Hacking, Driving, Weapon Choice, Shooting Rate, Paramedic, Sniping, Airborne Skills, and Shooting Accuracy.

•You may attack however you would like-this also means you must source your team's equipment-and once the target has surrendered, you walk behind the target and press RT to handcuff them. After the target is handcuffed, you must bring them to the Federal prison and drop them off.

Ranks: 1. Officer, 2. Private(15 points), 3. Sargent(30 points), 4. Lieutenant(45 points), 5. Colonel(50 points), 6. Captain(80 points), 7. Major(95 points), 8. Vice Commander(115 points), 9. Commander(130 points), 10. FIB Agent(140 points).

Ranks in Team: 1. Basic, 2. Intermediate(20 points), 3. Advanced(40 points), 4. Elite(60 points), 5. FIB(100 points), 6. Black Op(150 points).

•Ranking System: 10 points for capture target+ $6,000; 5 points for killed target + $3,000; 0 points if the target escapes.

•After you become a FIB Agent and have a Black Op team, General Zimmerman recommends you to the FIB Agentcy; to which they reject you, and you and your team must go to the Agentcy Building and clear it and kill the Head Director. And the following day, you become the Head Director and control all of the following: Army, Navy, Air Force, NOOSE, and FIB.

•Your weekly salary at the FIB= $20,000

•Your job at the Agentcy is to command the following: Navy, Army, Air Force, NOOSE, and FIB. As well as hire/fire people, assign people to go out and do your dirty work for you(like Agent Steve Haines did to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in GTA V), assign people to lower the IAA's funding and decide how much they get for doing that for you. As a bonus, you will be able to hire your military heist members to work for you.

Who is ready for Grand Theft Auto: VI?

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