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Based on a true story about climbers Jason Clarke ( Rob Hall ) Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin) from two expeditions starting their final ascent on Mount Everest when they encounter a devastating storm on their way down.

The film is directed by Balthasar Kormákur with a great cast starring Rob Hall, Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley, Emily Watson, Jake Gyllenhaal.

I went to see this movie on IMAX 3D. I was very excited after watching the heart-pounding trailer but I have to say I walked out of the theater expecting more.

I was surprised by the quality of the 3D conversion. The scenery of Everest was breathtaking.

Everest takes you on a journey with the climbers. It starts following the story of the New Zealand climber Jason Clarke training and preparing a group. They set up the story letting you know all the dangers and steps that will take to get to the top.

After several days (or weeks not sure) of training they are finally going up, and you feel like you are climbing with them thanks to the amazing cinematography by Salvatore Totino (Previously known for his work in Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code) As they are going up you can see the clouds beneath, the snow, the cliffs.

What this movie is lacking is depth. The characters felt shallow, and it makes you stop feeling for them. Which is bad for a movie like this centered around disaster because when it hits and everything starts going south you just don't care.

The film focus mainly on the stories of Jason Clarke, and Beck Weathers showing scenes of their families, and what they left behind, and it makes you keep wondering throughout the film who was the lead. Eventually I think the story centers a bit more with Jason C.

The second major problem with the film was pacing. The set up took way too long. It felt slow, and then they were up the mountain, and the next second the storm hits and the film is over. It was divided something like this:

  • Setting up 52%
  • Actual climbing 30%
  • Storm 13%
  • Resolution 5%

Come into this movie looking forward for the scenery, the music, and the amazing cinematography. If you come in expecting a heart-touching story with unforgettable characters you will walk out disappointed.

Its worth paying the IMAX 3D during matinee price if you have nothing else to go see.


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