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With today being the 17th birthday of Google, lets take a look at the movie the Internship and it's cast.

Did you know that the 2013 movie The Internship used 100 actual employees from google as extras in the film. Google was allowed to control how their products were portrayed in the movie, the film makers wanted to have a scene in which the self driving car crashes however Google nixed that idea since that product hasn't launched yet.

Vince Vaughn

First role was in 1989 in a TV series called China Beach, he played a Motor Pool Driver in an episode. His first film was as a cheering soldier in a crowd in the movie For the Boys made in 1991. Fun facts, Vince Vaughn acted in an episode of both Doogie Howser, M.D. (staring the Legend- Wait for it - Dairy Neil Patrick Harris) and the television show 21 Jump Street. Vince Vaughn has had a very successful career, starring in at least one movie almost every year since 1996 and I must also remind everyone in honor of Halloween coming up that he starred in Psycho in 1998 as Norman Bates. His most recent role is in the TV series True Detective as Frank Semyon.

Owen Wilson

His first role was in 1994 in a short called Bottle Rocket, which he starred in with his brother Luke Wilson. This was made into a film in 1996 and was also the first movie Owen Wilson acted in. His most recent movie is No Escape, a film in which he is trying to escape from a foreign country where a coup is taking place. Fun Fact about Owen Wilson, he has been in 12 movies with Ben Stiller so far like the Cable Guy and Night at the Museum. He is also a member of what the media calls "The Frat Pack", which is a reference to the movie Old School and also includes Vince Vaughn, he was the first member of "The Frat Pack" to receive and Academy Award nomination.

Rose Byrne

Her First role was in a movie called Dallas Doll in 1994 and was also in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Lets of course not forget her role as Moira in X-Men First Class. Rose Byrne is a very talented actress who has acted in just about every genre from Insidious to Neighbors. Fun Fact, she describes herself as agnostic and was born at 10:16 on a Tuesday. Most recently she has been in the movie Spy and the movie The Meddler.

Max Minghella

The guy in The Internship we loved to hate. His first role was as Danny in the short Toy Boys in 1999, his first movie was Bee Season in 2005. Fun Fact about Max Minghella, he is currently attending Columbia University and his highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes is a 96% for The Social Network. More recently he starred in six episodes of The Mindy Project and in the movie Into the Forest.

Dylan O'Brien

High Road was a movie made in 2011 about a drug dealer who traveled across country with some roadies to make a delivery so he wouldn't be killed by a group of gangsters and it Dylan O'Brien's first movie. Fun Fact, he plays the drums and started his acting career as a YouTube star. More recently he has starred in the Maze Runner movies and the TV show Teen Wolf.

Jessica Szohr

Started her career in an episode of My Wife and Kids in 2003 and has been in movies and shows like Tower Heist, Gossip Girl, Piranha 3D, and Ted 2. Fun Fact about Jessica Szohr, she received an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Scared-As-Shit Performance in Piranha 3D. Her most recent role is in the TV series Kingdom as Laura Melvin.

For an interesting read on what life as a Google intern is really like check out this article and compare to the movie, click here.


How much of the movie was filmed at Googles Headquarters?

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