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Rebecca Legos

The picture shown when asked to vote is the most famous picture taken of a ghost. It was taken in my family castle which is now made into a hotel. I'm related to King Richard the 3rd who lived in this very castle in whales. The picture is famous because no one could ever create a similar photograph as the original no matter how much people have tried. There are also stories of people seeing her haunting the castle still. She's known as the Brown Lady. My dad also had a ghost encounter himself as a kid. When he was 15 his grandmother was in the hospital. The day she died he was playing with little toy soldiers at a family members house. It was old so they had the intercom things in every room where you could hear and talk to each other throughout the house. He kept it off so our family member, Rosemary, couldn't eavesdrop on him. At one point while playing there was a loud voice calling for him. The voice said loudly, "TOMMY!" That's what his grandmother would call him and it was in her voice. He finds out later that day that she died. The time of her death was the exact time he heard the voice. Ever since he's always thought it was her saying her last goodbye. I myself have encountered a ghost. I remember looking out of my window and seeing part of a mans figure staring back at me. It freaked me out. I've also had friends who've seen ghosts and even darker things in the woods. They all saw the same exact thing and all described it the same and were freaked out. Figures would appear out of nowhere and disappear and having a different figure appear in the old ones place. I have so many stories of paranormal sightings that my friends, family, and myself have encountered. There's no way ghosts don't exist with all of the encounters between my family, friends, and I. Some people like to say they want physical proof that ghosts exist but isn't encountering one or having a friend or family member encounter one enough proof?


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